Some Indians do not like sanctions but we are safe in the IPL bubble: James Payment

Mumbai Indians fielding coach James Poment said some senior Indian players did not want to be restricted inside the bio-bubble of the currently suspended IPL, but felt it was completely safe until cases came to light from the participating teams.

Pamment did not elaborate on his claim about the Indian players and did not even take names. The IPL was suspended on May 4.

“Some senior Indian guys don’t like to be limited and don’t like to be told what to do,” he said through

“But are we safe? We never thought the bubble would be damaged at any time … we thought the journey would always be challenging.”

Former New Zealand coach New Zealander said he and the MI players began to worry shortly before the match was called off.

“Cases are starting to come up with teams. They’re a little more scared, a little scared,” said the 52-year-old, who returned home Saturday.

“Chennai (CSK) have announced their cases and we will play Chennai over the weekend, so straightforward, the dynamic has changed. I definitely noticed from my crowd that I spend more time with the Kiwis and Aussies, their way of thinking has changed.

“We have started getting sick families in our family in an Indian environment. There have been deaths and we have taken a little queue from those who say ‘No, we want to continue’ and messages are coming back that it is a good distraction.

Pamment said he did not think at any stage that his health would be endangered in the bubble set up by MI at the Mumbai Hotel.

“You felt as long as everyone was disciplined and until people were tempted. You are confident that you will be fine, and that everyone around you will be fine … the safest bubble will form.”

He said that long before the IPL was halted, he was aware that the epidemic was getting worse in India and the program should not be spread across six venues.

“If it (IPL) just happened in Mumbai, it would probably be easier to manage, but as the number of cases in Mumbai has increased, you are looking at the ground staff, you are looking at different service type people. It is difficult to manage,” he said.

“Did we have a case on our first trip to Chennai? It was a support staff, fortunately picked up very quickly and he was alone, and none of those close to him fell ill.

“It reminded me a long time ago that your bubble is not impenetrable. We may be more strict about how we work.”

He also said that allowing 70,000 spectators in Ahmedabad for Test matches against England was “a little irresponsible, now Ahmedabad COVID’s hot bed”.



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