Former England captain Kevin Pietersen wants to shift the rest of the Indian Premier League matches postponed to this year to the United Kingdom in September instead of the UAE.

Peterson feels the move to move the IPL to the UK is due to have a window in September after England hosts India in the five-match Test series ending on September 14.

“I saw people talking about the UAE as a destination to finish the IPL in September, but I actually want the IPL to go to the UK.

There is a window in September after the end of the England vs India Test series. All the best Indian players are already there, and all the best English players are available, ”Peterson wrote in a column for Betway.

Wright Hander, 40, who also served as England captain, said the weather in September would be ideal for cricket matches in England.

“The best time in the UK is from mid – to late September. They can use Manchester, Leeds, Birmingham and both London grounds. There is also a good chance of crowds on the grounds. I think now is the right place, ”Peterson said.

Peterson made the announcement after four English counties, Middlesex, Surrey, Warwickshire and Lancashire, expressed interest in hosting the remaining 31 games of the IPL, which was postponed after testing whether Kovid was positive for multiple players and support staff.


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