PBKS vs RR: Tyagi Sanga laughs, Samson irritated & confused; Arshadeep stress-face

Tyagi jumps happily with Sanga
Which fast bowler Kumar Sangakkara can jump with hop, skip and joy? Rajasthan Royals cricket director 20-year-old fast bowler Karthik Tyagi entered the field from the dugout after turning the game around in the final over. Tyagi gave up a run and dismissed Nicholas Pooran and Deepak Hooda. The pacer from Dhanaura, Hapur came to light with speed guns at a speed of 145 kmph in the Under-19 World Cup. He had an incident in the first over; Mayank Agarwal wasted no time in seeing the ultra-edge on the bat and the referral caught behind, KL Rahul hit the full toss for a four. Although he was not so lucky, Tyagi nodded after each delivery. The same smile is pasted on his face when he is calm and to unleash the sangha.

Confused Captain Samson
When Chris Morris – the most expensive player in the IPL – bowled one of his most expensive overs, Rajasthan Royals captain Sanju Samson could only get a mischievous laugh. After giving only the first six runs of a good over, the South African seamer lost his line and plot. There are two half-volleys on the leg stump, which were deposited by Mayank Agarwal in the first and second tier respectively. There are three terrific wides that trigger three full-stretch dives from Samson. Wicketkeeper Samson was already suffering.

Rajasthan Royals captain Sanju Samson.

Captain Samson was similarly upset. His opponent Rahul missed three times in the powerplay and now his main bowler is struggling. Laughing helplessly, Shamson ran to comfort his bowler. Morris finally got the line and length for the last ball, and Agarwal lifted him for a boundary on the cover. Overall, 25 runs were conceded, and the camera did not cut to Samson.

Flood or drought, Louis will be as well
Like his cult Chris Gayle, Evan Lewis has six insights and Gayle also scored in the final edition of the Caribbean Premier League. But unlike the ever-smiling, hyper-expressive gay, Lewis looks utterly poker and completely indescribable when batting. The lips rarely move, the eyes are stone cold. His head was not shaking or his shoulders were shaking. He wore the same clever expression when he brutally tortured Ishaan Porel as well as when Mohammad Shami hit his neck and crop on both occasions. Batsmen should at least vent their anger when they come out, especially after a strong start. Not Louis. He went as cold as batting in the middle. Gayle is against pouring his mind into the middle. Like another six-hitting Caribbean opener Dwayne Smith.

Arshadeep pressure-face
Arshadeep Singh is not a big fan of follow-throughs like Shoaib Akhtar or Brett Lee. He bargained his wickets with a change of pace rather than full speed. Mid-130km at best, but mostly 125-130kph bracket. But he worked hard for his deliveries, especially the release. Run-ups, collecting and jumping are smooth, release is low.

Arshadeep Singh is in action.

Irritated, and after the reverse angle, his face trembles, bright eyes jump out of the sockets, eyebrows tremble and lips curl. He was frustrated when the fifth ball of his 12th over was called wide, with 15 already leaked. But in the end he caught Liam Livingston awkwardly in the deep by Fabian Allen.

The longer the face, the longer
Chris Morris wears the exaggeration for the beard at the best of times. One of the most passionate visits, he found more than half a dozen opportunities to respond to the spilling catches about the Rajasthan Royals field. KL Rahul pulls his jaw down a lot when he is on the field one after another, he takes Ryan Parag out of his hands by the end of his first over. And control his frustration as his teeth spread all over his lines of laughter. It stretches his face though Mayank Agarwal. He completely lost his radar in his second, wilt three wides to the leg side when two sixes and four other deliveries were not made as many boundaries. He ran nine times in the never-before-seen over for 25, scaring Sanju Samson into starting to walk quietly again. Under the sweat and stained towel, Tipo Morris’ face finally settled into a broken mess.


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