Cricket South Africa director Graeme Smith said the BCCI had created a good bio-secure environment (BSE) because none of the players in the now-defunct IPL were “in danger” while in India.

The IPL was postponed to May 4 after multiple COVID-19 cases surfaced inside the bio-bubble. The 11 South Africans who took part in the league have already moved to Johannesburg.

“We do not judge in any way. After talking to the players, they are safe. They thought that the BSE (Bio-Secure Environment) was a really good experience in India. They never thought it was a danger. Said at the meeting.

India currently reports over 400,000 cases of coronavirus per day, with 4,000 deaths occurring daily.

Amid the ramming pandemic, Smith said the risk element will always be there and managers cannot be blamed.

“Sometimes you can do whatever you want but the BSE – as we all say – is never stupid. There is always risk when COVID is rampant in your country. Unfortunately it’s very hard to imagine what will happen once it gets inside.”

Smith praised the BCCI’s efforts to ensure the safe departure of all South African players, who will return home by Friday and will be under house arrest.

“The duty shown (BCCI) in bringing everyone home is ideal.

“From the perspective of our own players our borders are not closed and trade travel is still available to them.

South Africa recorded far fewer cases than India and yet the Australian team postponed its tour citing the health security risk of the players. Smith said the decision was based on double standards.

“Some of those players are sitting there in the IPL and watching without making any noise. You’ll see some things differently after having experience with things here, and (you see) the double standards version. It’s frustrating.”

Smith said CSA created 16 biobubbles over the past year, but did not give enough credit.

“I think CSA has put in 15 or 16 BSEs this season, and I don’t think we’re achieved enough with the success we have achieved,” Smith said.


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