MI vs DC: Ashwin Last Laughter vs. Krunal; Rohit’s face turned upside down

Ashwin vs Krunal: Two last overs, two sixes

Think twice before rubbing Ravichandran Ashwin wrong these days, because this is his “last laugh season”. After his ‘Come, Come On’ revenge song to get Ion Morgan in the game fighting hard against KKR, Ashwin became ‘Come On’ again. Krunal Pandya hit six off Ashwin in the final ball of the Mumbai innings and as luck would have it, the two soon faced each other. This is another 20th over, another Krunal vs Ashwin interview. The characters have changed, the bat is now on the field with a man who is never short of words or variations. Delhi need four, but Ashwin needs six to settle the score with Krunal. Left-armor keeps it small, Ashwin kneels, swings the bat and catches the stump microphone raging ‘Come on’ before the ball crosses the fence. There is an extra edge to this duel between the two white-ball fox all-rounders-graceful batting bowlers of Indian cricket. The addition of Ashwin and the exclusion of Krunal from the World T20 are both surprising. A few months ago, Krunal did not want to play in the ICC event, but Ashwin was not sure about his place in the Test playing XI. Sweaty Sharjah evening, let Ashwin speak with his bat and his mouth. Bring the T20 World Cup, come on!

Rohit, smiling carefully

It will always be difficult to maintain a 130-run target in the IPL, and Mumbai Indians captain Rohit Sharma may have thought his team was off to a good start when he scored just two runs off five balls. Then Prithvi Shah decided to step a little to his right and hit the Trend Boult‌ for four through an extra cover. Sharma was already irritated on the face before the ball crossed the fielders inside the circle. Promised that the tough day will be much harder.

The situation was further aggravated after Shikhar Dhawan’s powerful in-out haul a few balls later.

Then the two quick wickets ‘turned upside down in anger.’ Dhawan was run out with a direct hit by Kieron Pollard (the long West Indian sipped his drink when the third-umpire declared ‘out’). And then Krunal Pandya Shah invented LBW.

Over the course of three overs, Sharma’s expressions changed very fast. Though the Mumbai Indians finally tasted defeat, Rohit’s turnaround was the opening start for the emotional roller-coaster.



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