Knights drop the ball, points: Kings benefit from KKR fielding errors to stay in playoff conflict

Four catches, three of which were not taken and one was not taken cleanly, dramatically turned the match towards Kings XI Punjab, who finally hung on for the beloved life to win a close game.

Four ‘catches’ that tell the story

It is best to start from the last chance and get back on track. It came to the third ball of the last over, after KL Rahul took the wicket. Venkatesh Iyer had a tough job to defend five runs, but match conditions at various points forced Kolkata Knight Riders captain Ion Morgan to dismiss his two main spinners and other seamers. Need four to win, Shahrukh Khan led it towards the deep midwicket, where Rahul Tripathi, who already had a chance to turn the game around, was completely bent to his left dangerously close to the rope. He stretched out his palms as the ball fell from the sky, but it came in and out – and hit the ropes for the six that closed the game.

The third chance came just over an over, with Punjab needing 10 to 11. Rahul Shivam slogged Mavi – but anywhere but towards Tripathi in the deep midwicket. He pre-charged the full steam, dived the full stretch and crossed into the gray area of ​​close-up zoom-in television. The on-field umpires had to go upstairs and for a moment until Zoomer was called, the verdict seemed to lead to Tripathi. Once it got bigger, Punjab’s hopes were high as it was doubtful whether he would have stretched his fingers under the ball or whether it would have hit the ground as soon as he picked it up. When the third umpire asked that the frame be frozen, it was confirmed that it had been touched. The frozen camera froze Kolkata’s hopes and the game exploded alive for Punjab.

Now, a second chance when 24 off 18 balls is needed. Rahul tried to lap Tim Southee but it turned out to be weak between wicketkeeper Dinesh Karthik and short-fine leg fielder Varun Chakraborty. Karthik recharged, the emperor rushed forward and it was so close to Karthik that he suddenly stopped and came out of the catch. Perhaps, he thought he could take it to the emperor, but he was not close enough and was on top to stay out of the way of the confrontation. The ball fell to the ground between the two and Karthik also slipped on the turf with anguish on his face. He must have been worried that the game was lost and that it was scary.

The first of four chances close to the endgame came first with the 30 reading equation in just 20 balls. Khan dragged Mavi to a deep square-leg where Iyer bent back and pulled the ball with his right hand, but had to release it as he was about to step on the rope. He was trying to wrestle back inside for the catch but his left ankle was crooked and the body collapsed on the rope trying to balance. Those six total went from 18 to 24 and the game became irreversible towards Punjab.

Iyer Beef Knock

A video of Iyer picking up Virat Kohli’s brain went viral last week. The advice in summation is to push the front foot forward and respond from then on. “It’s easy to go backwards or forwards from that position,” Kohli hinted.

So, how did Iyer go about his work since then? His first movement was to fall back inside the crease! He ignored that advice as he stepped back and then carried a small press forward – the feet were still on the crease lines. Then he does his attacking action.

Unlike many power hitters, Iyer has the opportunity to be pretty cuddly with sudden late cuts and delicate flicks.

One shot from his 10 boundaries. He creamed in full slowness from Nathan Ellis to the long-off boundary in the sixth over and when another slow ball came, one length back, he stood still, tearing his wrist and turning it wide. Midwicket. Timing jaw-dropping and shot selection.



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