KKR vs RCB: Kohli drowns, Padikkal and Russell Yorker in pain

The trend behind Virat Kohli on the recent England tour has been much discussed, but lbw is a dismissal in his career. It is no surprise that Prasid Krishna, who has a good nip-backer, tested him earlier in his 200th IPL game. As soon as it started its inward movement, Kohli got into trouble, his head bending outside the line and forcing him to play across the line. Unexpectedly, the ball missed the wood and bounced into the paddle, triggering a fist and roar from Krishna. Kohli pressed for DRS and he had to wait to claim the wicket legally. There was no luck though, and when he started moving away from his partner, Kohli shook his head and stumbled.

Virat Kohli backed out after being out. (BCCI / IPL)

Win with pain

How not to play Upper Cut? Devadatta Padikkal can tell us. Everything is wrong about his upper cut on Lucky Ferguson. The ball is not small enough. The ball is not fast enough. The ball did not bounce enough. And as soon as he bent his knees and lowered himself he must have realized that poor Poddickel was in a soup. The tall man sank down but the ball also fell. But by then he was committed to the shot, from which he could not pull himself out. So he tried to cut the top of the balls and self-destructed by edging it to wicketkeeper Dinesh Karthik. Padikkal loves to play that shot but sometimes how it rolls.

Leap of happiness

Until that ball, Andre Russell didn’t really bowl anything complete, forget a yorker. In the lingo of IPL coms, he is bowling ‘hard lengths’, hitting the deck short length. Sometimes, Russell can be stamped as going through motions with the ball. Not today. And when AB de Villiers came to bat, Russell decided to test him with a really good Yorker.

It was on the leg stumpish line and perhaps de Villiers was surprised to see the weapon choice, he almost faltered and lost balance to flip the ball. It was very fast and cut from his left leg and fell on the stumps. Off Russell specifically ran nowhere and jumped for joy. One by one his companions came to hug him as a celebration.

Big eyes appeal

Enthusiasm sees Varun Chakraborty broadly. This is probably the only emotion that appears on the quiet outside, sometimes even turning reckless. The mystery spinner has good reason to be excited. First he played his fingers on the ball from Glenn Maxwell, and then made his debut small task.

In the hat-trick, Varun wanted to leg-out Kyle Jamieson; Convinced enough to ask immediately for a review. He proposed, and his captain was disposed of. Eoin Morgan was convinced of the inner edge and the plea fell on deaf ears. Varun’s emotional overload requires indifference to Morgan’s neuter and the skipper is right. In a grand scheme, the 30-year-old could be India’s trump card at next month’s T20 World Cup. While with the rider; He needs to be fit.


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