IPL Protocol: Sixes hit to change and clean the balls

The Indian Premier League (IPL) has decided to change some of the remaining rules for the 2021 season to be held in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) from next month. Among the health and safety protocols issued by the Board of India for all IPL teams, which include a copy of the Indian Express, the BCCI has decided that cricket balls should be replaced by a fourth umpire if they are in or outside the stadium.

“If the cricket ball goes on the stands or outside the stadium, the fourth umpire will provide an alternative from the cricket balls library.

According to the BCCI, a new scientific study on cricket balls has shown that the risk of coronavirus transmission through balls is very low. However, the board does not want to take any chances to complete the final part of the IPL season, which was halted in May after a positive test by some players and support staff. The board is also reportedly considering allowing fans inside the stadium, but spectators will only be allowed to sit in the upper tier of the stadium.

The BCCI also clarified that spitting and discharge of nasal secretions is prohibited on the ground or in places other than washrooms.

“Stained tissue paper should be safely discarded in the dustbins provided by members who do so,” the circular added.

Athletes and support staff must be isolated for six days, along with three negative tests, before entering the bio-bubble. Meanwhile, Indian players currently playing in England are not required to maintain detention in Dubai if they meet certain guidelines for ‘bubble to bubble’ transfers.

According to the circular, players, team support staff, commentators and broadcast crews will continue in their bio-secure environments after India’s tour of England, tour of South Africa and the end of the Caribbean Premier League. Must be transported directly by team bus on the plane – they will be exempted from immigration and other formalities at the departing airport.

“The team bus leaves players directly onto the tarmac, thus avoiding the need for players to pass through the airport terminal building by blocking contact with other people outside the bio-secure environment,” it reads further.

Players are allowed to visit the golf course but the BCCI has also placed some conditions for it. Teams must obtain permission from the IPL Chief Medical Officer 24 hours in advance. The entire golf range or part of it is booked for use by IPL participants only on any given day. Other guests are not allowed in these designated areas.

“The use of any other facilities in the golf club is prohibited. Bars, restaurants, cafes, gyms, etc. are prohibited. The use of locker rooms in the golf club is prohibited. .

Meanwhile, when alternate players carry drinks, they must place the drinks holder on the field and use only their own pre-designated bottles to prevent all players from sharing.

When a pitch is invaded during a match or practice session, if a spectator or fan enters the field of play and is able to have instant physical contact with the player, the player must change his clothes and put the used ones in a different bag for disinfection and laundry. Also, the player should wash their hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds before meeting other team members in the bubble.



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