IPL Hive Five Quiz: Answers & Winners

The weekly sports quiz starts from September 18 (Saturday). Find the answers calmly over the weekend or crack them in seconds and send them quickly to [email protected] We will start with five clues to five quests, Hive Five on IPL replacement. Answers Monday through 9 p.m.

Quiz 1. IPL replacements: Identify the cricketer


1. Santosh Mahadev Divate (Latur, Maharashtra)

2. Mahadev Kori (Jamkhandi, Karnataka)

3. Shashank Singh (Lucknow, UP)

4. Rupesh Dattaram Newalkar (Mumbai, Maharashtra)

6. Siddhesh Mahendra Sawant (Thane, Maharashtra)

7. Nebula Raina (New Delhi)

9. Vinayak Shukla (city not mentioned)


1. Dhinesh T (Vellore, TN) 4/5

2. Shivam Kumar (city not mentioned) 4/5


Q1. Who is he?


1. The captain likes his pacers, so he joins his teams with them.

2. From Bihar to Bangalore.

3. Last time net bowler to Steve Smith & Jose Butler.

4. Arrived for Ashok Dinda in his state

5. Andy Shami trimmed his wrist

Answer: Akash Deep


Q2. Who is he?


1. The title-winning franchises in both the IPL and PSL ended in 2020. Today, on September 16, the title winner of the Caribbean League is coming into the IPL.

2. Left-wing rivals GAWping are ahead in the campaign as a non-opener with 6 sixes. Also hit the leg-drop bowling Miguel for three 6 seconds. Bravo!

3. He sees the nucleus of the atom or the pearl on the necklace. For city & country. Their death over winner is the Jinx.

4. Deny him the second run he asked for, and angrily walked back to his dressing room. First he throws the bat, then he throws the helmet, then the left glove goes off and finally he kicks the ground. Ask Asif.

5. “Fitness Criteria” While the patriot is looking to enter the national side, the bored harp goes.

Answer: Sherfen Rutherford


Q3. Who is he?


1. Many Indians were sent to Tizzy by wishing ‘Happy Birthday’ to Telugu star Kicha Sudeep.

2. Green shoe-to-the-year telephone celebration for 90 out of 100.

3. He joined the small bowlers’ club along with Ajantha Mendis, Samuel Badree, Andrew Westfall and Vanindu Hasaranga.

4. This time he bowled the leg spinner … or it was the off spinner … then celebrated the wicket with the red hanky … or it was an expandable stick in the magic trick.

5. He called football Kane Williamson Ngolo Conte

Answer: Tabariz Shansi


Q4. Who is he?


1. Mahmudullah, Mahdi Hasan and Mustafizur Rehman-Hat-trick in international T20 debut. In his last three deliveries. Due to the lost.

2. He likes to say he’s 6 feet tall, but he’s counted to be 5’11 years old

3. Helping Boys With Difficulties In Installing And Learning Landscaping And Air Conditioners As A Teacher’s Assistant: Some Harder Things Than Death Overs

4. A question you ask him: He will definitely get on his feet in his follow-through after launching himself into his air crab attempt like a javelin jack.

5. Delayed innings with his effortless yorkers and slow balls in the back thanking his unrealistic King Popeye biceps.

Answer: Nathan Ellis


Q5. Who is he?


1. He lost his first junior international final to Nepal

2. Scored his country’s fastest Test half-century off 29 balls.

3. Tests basically have a maximum of 6 sets per bowler: now 75.

4. He auctioned off his world-winning shirt for USD 43,300 to treat 8-year-old Holly, who is undergoing immunotherapy in Spain for a neuroblastoma.

5. Daughter’s name is Indy May.

Answer: Tim Southee


Send us your answers [email protected] Along with your name & city.

Mispronunciations are annoying.

Send answers by Sunday. Answers will be on the website Monday morning at 9 p.m.

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