IPL 2021: Shivam Dubey, Successful Jaiswal Steal Lightning In Royal Repost

What happened there? Whistle Podu, Rajasthan style. When the Chennai Super Kings scored 189, Ruturaj Gaikwad’s beautifully-violent century seemed to be the talk of the town, but the successful Jaiswal and Shivam Dubey reached the target with 2.3 overs to spare.

Perhaps, Abu Dhabi’s long boundaries could bounce off Chennai bowlers openers Jaiswal and Evin Lewis. Mistake. The white ball continued to fly into the desert night, as it was fifty in the fourth over and by the end of five, they were whistling at 75. Shortball is not an issue instead of height. The two batsmen did not have to hold on to anything, the comfortable pulls worked as deliveries repeatedly sat at chest height. Josh Hazelwood went on to hit three sixes and a four in the fifth over, while Jaiswal pulled two boundaries and when the over compensatory half-volley provided, he creamed two more for the cover boundary. All of this is ridiculously easy. Louis did not even dust off his drives because they repeatedly bowled small and he kept pulling them.

By the time the shortball openers were out – Lewis had been caught at the boundary and Jaiswal had erred too quickly to turn the short ball into a perfect bouncer – the score was 81/2 in 6.1 overs.

In this season’s IPL script, it is the perfect time for Chennai to do their magic and pull the rug from under Rajasthan’s feet. Not Saturday night though. And the Royals’ surge did not even come from general suspect Sanju Samson. While the commentators were talking about the need for Captain Knock from him, Dubey decided to do it.

Now, if Chennai were too low against the openers, they went the other way with the dube. With his feet long and almost still – he doesn’t go too far back or forth but bends his knees to run his power like a golfer – Dube is not forced to change his game. They were bowling in his zone, and he kept swinging his knees and exploding his long arms through the line.

Ravindra Jadeja threw him back from long-on stands with an overpitched delivery. Moin Ali also received the same treatment soon after, six of whom appeared to have inhaled into the night sky before crashing into the ground behind a long border. Sam Curran decided to give him even less trouble and delivered two full tosses thrown away to the boundary. Hazelwood also served as some trip width outside and the game had two and a half overs left.

Gaikwad’s beautiful torture

The most aesthetic knock of the evening was from Gaikwad. “Almost all of his shots seem to fit the ball,” said Surendra Bhave, a former player who coached the Gaikwad Ranji team to Maharashtra. Perhaps that is the best possible summation about gaikwad batting. He was very adept at his front-foot drives — the straight drive that stopped the first ball of the match still lingers in mind — but equally adept at back foot. “It came in the last three-four years,” Bhave said.

Gaikwad scored fifty off 41 balls, but scored a hundred off the next 19 balls. Change in tempo Leg-spinner Rahul Tewatia bounced with boundaries. He was 95 when the last over started and he seemed to get stuck when Ravindra Jadeja went in some style after Mustafizur Rahman. Two Jadeja hits that are particularly astonishing are worth recording on these pages. Anticipating the Yorkers, Jadeja knelt on the floor with his back knee and somehow, incredibly, found enough wrist strength to hit a six and a fork. We saw such shots from inclined positions but got down on our knees and found that energy and time were somehow the same. However, Gaikwad had only two deliveries to reach his ton and he failed to connect with the first. But by the last ball of the innings, he had dragged the ball into orbit, saw the disappearing path once and turned to start his celebrations. At the time all this seemed like a hunky dory to Chennai but boy, are they in a brutal shock.



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