IPL 2021: Prithviraj Shah hits Shivam Mavi with six fours in a single over

Prithviraj Shah hit six fours in the first over of the Delhi Capitals (DC)’s match against Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) in IPL 2021 in Ahmedabad on Thursday.

Shaw sent six legal deliveries from opening bowler Shivam Mavi to the boundary and scored 82 off just 41 balls to beat DC KKR by seven wickets.

With the milestone, he became the second player to achieve this feat after teammate Ajinkya Rahane in the IPL.

The attack began when Shah Shivam touched a ground-down aerial straight drive from Mavi. He followed it up, hitting the pitch-up delivery for four on the bowler’s head for the next ball.

The right-hander hits the next ball to the midwicket before driving the third ball off-side. He drove one through the covers with a full low toss outside. For the fifth ball, Shaw hit a backward point before completing the over with a growing drive through the extra cover.

“I honestly don’t think anything. I’m waiting for the balls to be loose. I know where Shivam is bowling. We played together (in the age group) for four-five years,” Shaw said in a post-presentation.

“The first four-five balls he threw were half-volleys, so I prepared for the short ball but he didn’t bowl.”

He was asked about recent ups and downs. Shaw said, “Our dad was very supportive. After returning from Australia, I was not happy with myself. My dad asked me to play my natural game.

“All these words set a goal for me and I worked hard. The graphs in cricket go up and down and a lot of failures come my way.”

Delhi Capitals captain Rishabh Pant said Shah was a talented player who could do wonders if he was confident about himself.

“I just told him to play a normal game. In this kind of match we can think about the run rate. The only thing we talk about with youngsters is to enjoy cricket, do your part,” Pant said.


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