IPL 2021, KKR vs RCB Highlights: Varun C & Russell star KKR starts Kolkata with a bang.

A total of 29 IPL matches were played before its suspension. (File)

The resumption of the Indian Premier League (IPL) does not seem to be a resumption at all. It doesn’t feel like the second half of a two (forced) half tournament. But like an entirely different tournament, the pre-quel‌ is an un-hyped sequel, a relevant but different product, without the narrative curves of the aforementioned catharsis and escapeism.

The memory of the first part being blurred made these five months look even more distant when filled with sports. During this period, India lost the World Test Championship final at once, reset and won the nail-biting Test series in England, and, if you stay away from cricket, won the Olympic gold medal for the first time in athletics. The duration of 144 days appears to be longer than that. (Read full preview)



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