Rarely is there a harmless single that has no effect on the outcome of the game, which is very important to most people. In the Delhi Capitals vs Kolkata Knight Riders match, Ravichandran Ashwin was caught by his batting partner Rishabh Pant in the last ball of the 19th over and became richer. KKR players felt that running was not the inspiration of the game as the ball was knocked down by the batsman coming into the line.

KKR skipper Eoin Morgan and bowler Tim Southee got into an altercation with Ashwin. The scuffle continued with Ashwin dismissing Morgan in the game. The matter did not end even after the players left the field. After the game, Morgan tweeted: “I can not believe what I see !! భయంA terrible example to set for young children coming through the IPL. Over time, I think Ashwin is worried. The England white-ball captain’s answers contain more than one reference to the 2019 World Cup final.

Morgan’s most notable success has been the collaboration from the controversial over-throw. England’s first 50-over World Cup victory — said to be the greatest and most intimate game ever played — had a lot to do with Ben Stokes’ Daredevil knock and a crucial fall in the final moments of the game. In the final over of the 242-run chase, Stokes dived to the crease while trying to steal a run. In doing so, he inadvertently twisted the throw going towards the stumps beyond the boundary line.

After consultation the umpires decided to give England six runs – the batsmen two plus boundaries. England came back into the game to score nine off three balls. England won, due to those four random runs.

Later, the MCC said they would review the incident that tore down Stokes, but it remained one of the many obscure rules of cricket, based on players’ descriptions and obscure ‘spirit of the game’ theories.

Even a day after the incident, the controversy refused to subside. Shane Warne, who is not hesitant to express his opinion, may also find fault with Ashwin’s action. He tweeted: “The world should not be divided on this issue and Ashwin. It’s so simple – it’s humiliating & should never happen. Why should Ashwin be that person again? I think Eoin16 has the right to nail him.

Aussie media also took to the field. Fox Cricket, a subscription television channel from Down Under, picks up Warne’s tweet and headlines: ‘Insult’: With Warne outraged, the Indian villain once again broke the spirit of cricket in the clash. ‘

The article also recalls Ashwin’s ‘mancoding’ incident. “Indian star Ravichandran Ashwin is embroiled in another heated IPL scandal that has once again conflicted with his cricketing spirit. Ashwin became the poster boy for Mankad two years later and again two years after he was run out by England’s Jose Butler while backing up at the non – striker end of the 2019 IPL season. Entangled.

In 2015, he was annoyed by the knockout of home players in the India-Australia ODI in Melbourne. David Warner has accused India’s Rohit Sharma of knocking the ball over Rohit’s bat. Replays showed that Warner had clearly lost Rohit and that the sluggish collection by wicketkeeper Brad Haddin was the cause of the downfall.


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