How SRH foxed Pollard with a smart fielding position

The cracking sound from Kieron Pollard’s bat is enough to make you fear that the ball will puncture the screen as well. It was sweet, flat and hard-hitting — a full-length ball pitched off-stump outside the Pollard murder range — determined to be a sixer the moment he took off his bat. But that did not happen. Somehow, Jason Roy, who was fielding sluggish at best this evening, was sure to stand out to swallow the catch. He had to move two inches to his left to place the ball in the palm of his hand. Hitting the ball so powerfully that it almost knocked his hand over, but Roy was calm without adding another incident that made him look like a clown. Although his catch was admirable, the credit goes to Manish Pandey, who was reinstated as captain shortly after leaving the team, keeping a straight long, exceptional fielding station. Pollard, however, could not comprehend how the shot did not leave ball-sized cracks on the visual screen.

Patel Slow Rap

It must have been Harshal Patel who broke the huge opening partnership between Shikhar Dhawan and Prithvi Shah and it must have been with one of his slow pacers. Shikhar Dhawan, who used the pace and worked the angles well till then, went for a large scale hit but was done with the pace change. He pulled his lower arm out of the handle and tried to adjust, but it ended up lifting the ball further up and it was waiting for the palms at mid-off. Patel turned around and stuck out his tongue smiling cheek at wicket number 30. It was not the video game mayhem seen in the other match but the Delhi Capitals openers were also not bad and ran very nicely to reach. 88 in 10 overs when Patel decided to intervene.

Casual Raul … Cowl

Siddharth Kaul loves football. His attempt to clear a ball – blocking it a few yards from the fence – was tantamount to a defender being pulled out with a forward, finally tackling the sliding at him, but eventually made it look even more stupid. Whether he slipped himself or not, he completely confused it. The ball from the bottom of Kieron Pollard’s bat, deceiving rather than traveling, pierced between his legs. Don’t forget that Jason Roy leaps fast in front of him and leaps over the couch. To put it simply, it’s chaotic about how their favorite football clubs (anarchically) are defending late. Kaul is a strong Manchester United supporter, a Tottenham Spurs fan throughout Roy.

Pant the best diver in DC

Batsmen value their straight drives, but not the same for non-strikers. Twice in a row, Shreyas Iyer Rishabh Pant ran safely and extended to the ground. Iyer led Yuzvendra Chahal straight back in the 13th over and Chahal dived. So is Pant. Chahal stopped the ball for the first time and laughed at the ball. Next ball, rinse, repeat. This time Chahal could not stop and the ball bounced off the stumps again with the ball. Chahal let out another smile as Pant dusted off and ran past him for a single. All those attempts may have drained him shortly after Pant fell in an attempt to cut Don Christian into a ‘keeper’.

Chahal’s transient brain fades

Virat Kohli did not worry much with Yuzvendra Chahal. And Shimran Hetmeyer was not very happy with Shreyas Iyer. Hetmeyer was bamboo hit by a Chahal Googly and when the ball bounced towards the short third man, Iyer ran for a single. Hetmeyer was late to respond and ran. The non-striker was spotted throwing at the end, but Chahal was still busy appealing for lbw. And the ball dangerously crossed the stumps and went out of the crease with Hetmeyer and Chahal reduced his appeal to a reasonable distance from the stumps. Kohli gestured to him to run to the stumps to collect a throw to run out. Meanwhile, Hetmeyer voiced his anguish to Iyer, calling for a single rather than just running alone: ​​”Call!” There is no happy side towards the batsmen or the fielding.

Well started (with toss) half done … almost

Cheers erupted across the stadium when Mumbai Indians captain Rohit Sharma won the toss. The fairy night started off auspicious for them. Winning the toss and choosing to bat was the only and longest way to reach the play-offs with a huge score of 171 for Sunrisers Hyderabad. If they lose the toss, the road is blocked before the start of the game. Much depends on the flip of the coin. Sharma took a breath after a second or two when the coin was thrown, after which he suddenly laughed and declared to the commentator: “No choice, we must bat.” Then laughing jokingly, he clearly admitted: “The numbers are scary, but we’re going to give it all away.” He then revealed: “This is a great opportunity for us to do something we have never done before.” But when he goes back, the smile is angry in place.



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