‘Don Christian has no official warning’: RCB clarified after deleted video interview

Royal Challengers Bangalore has denied that Dan Christian was warned by the franchise as he was involved in a video interview.

An interview with Christian about the leadership of RCB captain Virat Kohli, among other things, was removed from YouTube on Friday after Christian issued a “warning for breach of contract” by the RCB. Grade cricketer, Australian Podcast.

“RCB recently issued a sensitive reminder to all of their players (after the Christian interview) about the team’s media protocol. An official clarified to indianexpress.com on Saturday.

“All our players have basic media commitments to Indian publications, and then, if time permits, foreign publications are slotted,” the official added when asked to explain how the Christian protocol was violated.

The RCB’s explanation came after an allegation Grade cricketer Christian requested that their interview with him and Kyle Jamison be canceled as the RCB warned.

In their latest episode released on Saturday, Grade cricketer Co-host Sam Perry said: “I was informed by Dan Christian that he had been warned of a breach of contract … Dan had requested us to withdraw that interview through the RCB. Due to his respect for Dan and his agreement, we withdrew it.”

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The video in question has been removed from the headline ‘Kyle Jamison and Don Christian on Kohli, Herschelle Patel and Getting Home’ Grade cricketerYouTube Channel Friday.

In that episode, in preparation for next month’s World Test Championship final against New Zealand, Kohli joked that Kohli had asked Jamieson to “bowl” him with the Dukes ball in the RCB nets. He joked that unlike other senior players, Kohli only attends “half things” when it comes to off-field team meetings.


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