Dhoni Six Rinse. Repeat

Dhoni gets up in the morning as an expressionless person and runs to brush his teeth. The players in the square are wondering if he really is. The crowd was fed up, hoping he would not retire soon. Two deliveries ago, Captain Williamson put his arm around bowler Kaul and cast doubt on him. Dhoni bounced into the crease, Kaul bowled a short length, aiming for the midwicket area without scoring the previous ball. Taking it into the wire, as usual, he hit 6 on the same midwicket. As always. Wankhede has been around for six to 10 years, and the fear surrounding these situations has not diminished. Dhoni called 6 at will, it doesn’t even go.

Thakur’s Jon Snow Moment

This is Shardul Thakur’s Jon Snow moment. Well, sort of. In the ninth over, Thakur stormed into batsman Priyam Garg to collect a throw from his follow-through towards the stumps as he tried desperately to reach the safety of the crease. Thakur fell, but Garg left more important things for survival. He rolled over but slipped his foot inside the crease to avoid being run out. Fifty years ago, in 1971, Sunil Gavaskar was sent to Lord’s by shoulder barge from England bowler John Snow. Snow threw the bat towards Gavaskar. In his book Sunny Days, Gavaskar called it a “violent trajectory”, while England legend Denise Compton called it “insulting”. Snow apologizes to Gavaskar and makes it clear that it was completely accidental but England banned him from the next Test. Years later, he says to Mid-Day, “I was trying to pick up the ball to run him out. I apologized to Sunil, but there was a lot of fuss in the dressing room because I did not go to the Indian dressing room to apologize to Alec Bedser. [chairman of selectors] I will. “

Two widths and one beauty

A diamond in the center of the kitchen charcoal. Or Tolstoy squabbled between Chetan Bhagat and Jackie Collins. This is how Dwayne Bravo’s beauty was defined to snip Kane Williamson. The wicket was a beauty- it turned out, the SRH skipper’s eyes swaying over the wide expanse on the leg side, connecting his hometown of Mount Manganui to the district headquarters Hamilton as a grassy and empty highway. But the ball, after landing, or grazing the good-length band of the pitch, grabs the surface, grabs its line, and kisses his front pad planted parallel to the stumps. The ball devil, dressed as a close friend, is more of a throwback to the Kiwi double-double era than the break-your-jazz Caribbean vintage. But there are wides on both sides of the ball who defy the explanation. The ball placed in front of the wicket ball was too wide and MS Dhoni had to lunch almost completely to collect it. The winning ball did not hurt Dhoni at all. After landing almost across the pitch, it became cozy in the hands of Suresh Raina on the first slip. Bravo apologized even though Dhoni threw away his stench. Both were Test-match-standard wide, but then Bravo made a small ball gem to be the most valuable glitter in SRH batsmen. Remove the kitchen charcoal and hold the diamond.

Faf du Narcissus?

Faf du Plessis is not much of an expression of those around him. Six, four, bowling, he usually laughs in coordination or at best. But after slipping off the track, deck like a disco floor, lofting Bhuvneshwar Kumar straight to his head, he stood with self-respect in his follow-through, salvaging the furious flight of the ball, which was hovering close to the belly of the active belly dive ropes to hit the call , Came back to the perimeter rope. Faff was in a murderous mood and picked up a few sixes. But this stroke (which is not very difficult, but the batsman gets pleasure from hitting a big, tall fast bowler directly on the head) disturbed his narcissism. It brought a wider smile than usual and even real satisfaction. And why not?

Not a great audition for Rashid

Rashid Khan does not have such a great record against Chennai Super Kings and he is under pressure to bowl the sixth over of the chase. Ruturaj Gaikwad swept the first ball and received a top edged boundary. The next ball, he thundered on the track to hit a six. Rashid then went for his favorite googly from behind the ball, beating the gaikwad sweep and capturing him as LBW as the ball touched the abdomen area in front of the stumps. Successful laughter spread throughout Khan’s visit, but Gaikwad had to wipe it out after getting the DRS to review the decision. In his next over, he will have another chance when Gaikwad reverses a delivery thrown at him. As the ball bounced off his knees and flew away, the metaphor and literally hurt further in the store. For some luck he will have to wait till the 15th over. Moin Ali failed to connect with a pull and the ball bounced off his thighs over the stumps. CSK captain Dhoni is finally some joy for the man who dreams of playing under his captaincy.


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