De Villiers wanted to bowl the dot ball but ended his wicket: Harpreet Brar

Punjab Kings won the IPL match against Royal Challengers Bangalore by 34 runs.

The simultaneous removal of Virat Kohli, Glenn Maxwell and De Villiers is not everyday and the 25-year-old from Moga, Punjab, feels “blessed”.

Brar clean-bowled Kohli and Maxwell and then set up an off-side trap as De Villiers attempted a lofted shot without any success.

“My plan against De Villiers is to touch the outside of the off-stump and wide from his slot as the ball is gripping a bit. So I brought a slip and there were covers to come up a little. I wanted to bowl a dot but I was able to get a wicket, too.” Brar said after the 3/19 match winning spell in 4 overs.

In the case of Kohli, he reduced the length after realizing that the frustrated RCB captain was trying to give him responsibilities.

“My strategy is to hit the right length and don’t worry even if he hits me for a boundary. If the batsman charges on the track, you change the length,” Brar said.

Worked for the former U-23 spinner of India was playing with a free mind and not thinking much about the outcome.

“I wanted to play Bindas (recklessly) cricket. I did not want to take too much pressure and play my natural game,” he said.

Brar has played three games in the last two seasons but this is the first time he has taken wickets in the IPL and is the opponent’s top three players.

“I have never played under pressure before. I have, but when you do not work under pressure, you get more stressed. Once I get the chance, I make up my mind to win a match for my franchise,” he concluded.



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