DC vs CSK: Gautam Hetmire misses catch; Pant chatter with Axar continues

CSK’s Krishnappa Gautam could probably end the chase in the 18th over by slogging Shimran Hetmeyer Dwayne Bravo at long-on. Delhi Capitals needed 22 off 15 balls at that stage and it all depended on Hetmeyer. Gautam stepped forward two feet and began to bend to his knees as the ball began to sink. He went for the Australian way, pulled his palms out, but had to go down to cover for the dip. Yes, he can take it the Indian way with the palms but the Australian way is not wrong. One of those days, it didn’t happen. Perhaps under pressure, he might have dropped more than he expected and by the time his knees hit the ground, the ball had come out of his palms. So did the game. After a few balls, the broadcasters decided to show the best catches in the tournament. Oops! Good

C. Smile B. Roar

Shardul Thakur hits Ravi Ashwin’s cup noodle-selling backpad, his flick is behind, before the scramble seam does its job and touches the off-stump. Hetmeyer received the next ball, getting out of the strike and Thakur picked up the low ball for Shikhar Dhawan. The set batsman tried to remove it by pulling the ball past his bat to the keeper. Dhoni unanimously appealed to Thakur and the umpire did not hesitate. Ultradz was not so much interested in flatline jogging as Dhawan was living to say a smirk from Dhoni. Thakur was silent for the next two deliveries before the final ball bounced into the slot and Dhawan wanted a free break, which he drove to Moin Ali, who tossed the ball and then burst out with a surprising smile. Thakur, previously condemned, roared. But Dhoni was with the first smile.

Ruturaj & Seasons in the Sun.

For Ruturaj Gaikwad, it was a testament to the fact that the capitals of Delhi exploded with joy and did not sink into despair within a minute. Anrich Nortje hung his man LBW in the first over, pumped his fists and roared. The most elaborate celebration came from Shimran Hetmeyer, who rushed all the way from the boundary to hug the bowler with the most joyous enthusiasm. Once Gaikwad sent it upstairs and the DRS relieved him, he laughed quietly with Faf du Plessis. Nortze became terrified and the man Hetmeyer dropped his shoulders and almost drowned. It proved to be an event when it came to 16 runs, there was only an edge four on the slips from the gaikwad but the wides and leg byes ran to the boundary as Nortje could not fully control his radar. Rishabh Pant took part in an acrobatic dive to cross the first slip to collect a wide swing delivery; Otherwise it could be 20 runs. That save also showed how well Pant excelled in his wicket-keeping. In the past, his first move was consistent to his left and he was often late for balls to his right, but he corrected it and improved a lot over the last few months.

Pant Patel-Rap

Communications wise, Akshar Patel-Rishabh Pant should be the most exciting bowling keeping combo. Earlier this year, when the left-arm spinner teased England batsmen at home Tests and Pant sneered at him: _ ”Toda Sa Aage, Milkha Singh Bhage, Para Akshar Jaage” _. . ” Against the Chennai Super Kings, Patel was in the middle of a spectacular spell and the real nature of T20 cricket was that Pant’s hints did not put pressure on his spinner. : “Oi Patel, rook, rook, rook, rook …” Patel obeyed his captain’s command and ran around to lay his hand on the ball, but there was plenty of time for the angry batsman to reverse the strike.



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