CSK vs MI: Raina gets quick relief; Bumra dissatisfaction 100; Bravo on the song

Suresh Raina cried on his face after he mistakenly smashed a jailbreak attempt to escape his six-ball torture. The stroke was terrible (to make it short). Raina has now stepped back, all three stumps are in full view, and in the hope that it will somehow be missed, or two balls in front, brush his edge to the boundary. But this ball was full and erupted away from him. He’s probably waiting for the shortball. The blind slash went into his hands and put an end to his misery. The previous five balls were Raina-down-under throwback, where his old weakness against a short pitch ball was ruthlessly re-tested into his body. He jumped into the crease and was in a hurry. He was really annoyed, and in the end, his mental anguish was relieved by not being around for long.

– Sandeep G.

Jiving Bravo wore dance shoes

Dwayne Bravo’s dancing feet danced again. Trinidadian batting has been much worse in the last few editions, but this time, he seems to have rediscovered his mojo, the rhythm of his feet, the vortex of his arms, and the rhyme of his batting. Soka or reggae tune in his head. The second ball he faced, 90mph-er Adam Milne, he shone from the crease, the feet slipping towards the ball, and then away from it, the measured foot of each stride athletic fines, inside-outside, his front-knee bend, back-knee bend, his The body was beautifully frozen, the arms bent, the wrist ball spinning somewhere in the distant Dubai sky.

– Sandeep G.

The boom will fall

Mumbai Indians Jaspreet Bumra is in action against Chennai Super Kings in IPL 2021. (IPL)

Rarely does a batsman smear Jaspit Bumra on a long-off. Ruturaj Gaikwad achieved, without following it. Bumra floated the ball slowly outside the off-stump, giving Shawn Marsh room to swing his arms through the line, with the width of the off-stumps, not the sinking devil. The neat, fluid swing of the blade and the ball float into the stand after attracting boundary riders for most of its journey. Gaikwad could not believe what he had achieved, when the ball went into the stand‌ he opened his mouth in disbelief and looked honest. For most of the innings, his batting seemed to be very trance. Not every batsman offers such treatment to Bumrah every day.

– Sandeep G.


Deepak Chahar was not rejected. Quinton de Cock’s pads have always been a target for tracer bullet deliveries given his LBW counts, but he seemed to discuss them near full length balls with full confidence. In his opening over, Chahar flipped one over and then pulled one out as if he had taken one. At the start of the second, South Africa uses its wrist to deftly drive mid-on. But the whole scramble was in vain as Chahar sent a full range as the ball looped following the ball stumps. Quinnie tried again to rotate it through the leg side. Chahar appealed and said he was sure he had his man, he ran straight to the captain. Umpire Illingworth was not obedient and asked for a review by Dhoni even as Chahar was still breaking down. Ball tracking resonated with him. A knuckleball will claim anmolpreet in the next season as the forehead vein popping bowler says with another shout.

– Shivani Nayak

A clockwork yellow

Chennai Super Kings player MS Dhoni along with his teammates celebrated the fall of the wicket in the match against Chennai Indians. (IPL)

In the 10th over of the MI innings, CSK was close to 4 overs without a wicket. Creating a partnership is always a dangerous sign when protecting a modest amount. Dhoni needs progress. Hazelwood bowled 2 overs, according to the T20 captain’s manual the strike bowlers could be brought in for an over. Ravindra Jadeja has not started yet; He can be trusted to increase stress and make mistakes. What will Dhoni do? Either way, he threw the ball to Bravo. For his second ball, Ishant Kishan went into the hands of Suresh Raina at the short cover. Jadeja rushes to lift Raina in the air, Bravo flying with his arms outstretched like a plane, the unresponsive captain running towards his excited foot soldiers. Not so CSK. That’s all Dhoni. That’s it Bravo. That’s Raina-Jadeja. That’s very nostalgic.



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