Changing the game myself by looking at what others are doing is unique: Karthik Tyagi

Punjab needed just four runs from the last over, but the 20-year-old from Uttar Pradesh changed the game with his perfect bowling.

He took two wickets and gave his team just one run to script an impressive two-run victory.

“It’s really good,” said Tyagi, who missed the India leg in the IPL.

“I’ve been talking to seniors for years and they keep telling me things are changing in this format, so I have to have faith,” Tyagi told a post-match press conference.

“I’ve always heard from everyone and even seen games in this format where strange things happen. Today, it’s my good fortune to play a big role in something special.”

When asked about his effort, he said, “I was bowling a little early and then consciously worked on it after getting a lot of feedback.”

Royals captain Sanju Samson could not stop laughing after the spectacular victory.

“It’s ridiculous that we believe (we can win).

“I always trust my bowlers, I want to fight and that’s why I kept those two overs till the end. To be very honest, to get that score on this wicket, we had a good feeling because we had bowling.

“If we take catches, we can win the game earlier. People really worked hard on their fitness,” he said. Punjab captain KL Rahul rebuked the fires.

“It’s hard to swallow. We need to see how we can handle stress better. It’s the best thing in the game. It’s hard to swallow what you have not learned from your previous mistakes,” he looked depressed.

“We bowled good lengths in the first six. Unfortunately the edges kept it away from us. But we pulled it back nicely with the ball.”



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