Certainly not a personal battle, everyone is different: Ashwin on Morgan

Senior Indian off-spinner Ravichandran Ashwin has put an end to the controversy over his home match against England captain Ion Morgan during an IPL match, saying it was not a personal battle, but a disagreement over how the game should be. Will be played.

In last week’s IPL match between Morgan captain Delhi Capitals and Kolkata Knight Riders, Ashwin tried to take a run after being thrown from the body of his batting partner Rishabh Pant.

Morgan and Ashwin clash with England white-ball skipper. .

England benefited from a lot of rebounding when Ben Stokes got four runs thrown from the bat in the 2019 World Cup final, and the umpire rolled over, leading to their title victory.

“Look, I think it’s definitely not a personal battle or a battle and I do not think it’s at all. People who want attention take it that way, but I’m not looking at that at all,” Ashwin said after last night’s game with the Chennai Super Kings.

“… I do not know if it touched Rishabh (Pant). So it seemed to me that they had already decided to go, and this is one reason to say that the words I used were not in the right direction and in the right place,” he explained.

After the game, he referred to his Twitter posts and asked Morgan and Tim Southee not to use “insulting” words and to take the moral high ground and give a speech on the “Spirit of Cricket”.

After Ashwin was dismissed in that match, the fast bowler reprimanded the South Indian senior star saying “the same thing happens when you cheat”. Ashwin appeared to be charging towards Morgan and Southee, while Dinesh Karthik intervened and extinguished the fire.

“I want to understand that culturally everyone is different, the way people are taught to play cricket in England and India, the way one thinks is completely different,” Ashwin said.

“I’m not saying there’s anyone wrong here. The way the game was played in the 1940s shouldn’t be the way you want it to be applied by someone else (now),” he said.



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