Attitude changes around the reason for the Super Kings turnaround: Stephen Fleming

Chennai Super Kings coach Stephen Fleming said the change in attitude had changed the fortunes of his franchise, which had endured an unforgettable IPL last year and was focused on playing fast brand cricket this season.

CSK are on a roll this year, losing just one of their last six matches so far, topping the points table. Sunrisers won their fifth consecutive match against Hyderabad last night.

“It was tough in the UAE (last IPL venue). We had a very bad run. A lot of things went against us, we didn’t do much at the time,” Fleming said.

“We made some changes around our attitude towards what we were doing and then we knew exactly what style we wanted to play in the IPL this year,” he said.

“We need to play fast, we need to keep developing if we are not in Chennai. And that is what we are trying to do; we are not the final product by any means, but we are playing well right now.”

Fleming said the franchise had a share of lessons learned last season, which failed in the playoffs for the first time since the league opened.

“… In the off-season we saw players who fit and do the job – not just in Chennai, but in a slightly foreign environment. Attitudes also change,” he suggested.

Fleming praised all-rounder Ravindra Jadeja, who came into the IPL after missing months of cricket in Australia with an injury and said he was nearing the peak of his strengths.

“We do not have a leadership group. He is a key member of the side. He is undoubtedly close to the pinnacle of his powers. He is still working very hard,” he added.

“We had our doubts around his lack of cricket in the tournament, so we had to work very hard to speed him up. He trained by hitting a lot of balls and very fast and he accelerated fast,” Fleming said.

It is important that we do not lose faith or patience: Belize

Dates Warner (R) with coach Trevor Bayliss (C) and Johnny Bairstow (L) during the nets. (Source: Twitter / @Sunrisers)

Sunrisers Hyderabad head coach Trevor Bayliss feels it is important that his team does not lose “confidence or patience” after their fifth defeat in six matches in the ongoing IPL.

Bayliss said his team had no reason to bounce back.

“If you look at our first five matches. The first four matches were lost by just 10 runs. Just got one or two small drop catches here or there, missfield, some poor or bad overs. Apparently, tonight, we hit very well.

“The important thing is, do not lose our faith or patience, stick together and work hard. T20 is a kind of game, rolling in one way or another. There is no reason we can not do as we did last year, Wednesday here at SRH CSK 7 Bayliss said after landing by a margin of wickets.

SRH are bottom of the points table with one win in six matches.

He said the team often has to make one or two changes and they will do their part to keep the party settled.

“We like to sit down and chat. One thing is not to make too many changes. When we were in Chennai, on that wicket, 1 or 2 injuries, one or two guys did not perform.

“We often had to make 1 or 2 changes; we do our part to keep it on the settled side whenever possible,” he added.

He tried to defend captain David Warner, he was not the best in his half-century, and the other guys batted well, but unfortunately 170 was not enough.

“I think David (Warner) was the first person to admit. We worked very hard to bridge the gaps today and today we’re terrible on the field. , ”He said.

“Unfortunately, 170 was not enough, but they bowled very well and clearly batted well,” Bayliss added.

On key bowler Rashid Khan’s performance, the SRH head coach said, “He usually bowls the seventh over. It’s not a big deal after one over. We appreciate him taking 3 wickets. There is no big difference before one over or after one over.”

Commenting on the failure of batsman Manish Pandey in the playing XI in the last match, Bayliss said, “Sure, the selector’s choice on that wicket, he did not fit in well with stopping the ball and spinning.

“Then he will be back in Delhi for a similar wicket. He showed how good a player he is tonight. Hopefully, the wickets will come from here. We know for sure how damaging he is,” he added.


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