All this is yellow as the highlight of keeping Dhoni emotionless is cool

In the last over of the chase, shouts were heard from the “CSK CSK” stand. In Doug Out, Robin Uthappa played a beautiful role in CSK’s high score, but off the field, he hugged assistant coach Eric Simons. Dhoni was smiling when his happy players met him. Despite the long match, Dhoni, as always, encouraged his players to do the right things. In the 19th over, Shardul Thakur really tested MS Dhoni’s patience. Particularly slow was the chest-height slipping into full toss and no-ball. Dhoni stared, “Come on!” Said anxiously. He needed more than 40 runs but Dhoni did not rest on his laurels. Two more wides followed and Dhoni collected both and sighed. Then a six came and he was very upset now and cried a few words. And when the final ball was the dot ball, as he slowly collected, he waved his gloves as if to say, “Pull his arms like this.” Not finished yet, he followed Thakur who was trying to hide in the field tfield and had more words to say.

DK, fluffy stumping is not okay

This is the third time that Dinesh Karthik has missed a stumping opportunity in several games. For the first ball of the third over of the innings, Shakib Al Hasan made a loop over a length, sucking Faf du Plessis into the drive, but the ball slipped from the leg side beyond the inner edge of the bat but Karthik was unable to collect. Reflexes like Dhoni are still needed to remove the stumping as Du Plessis starts slipping his back foot towards safety. To make matters worse, Ruturaj Gaikwad blew a four and pulled a six in that over. The good news for superstitious Kolkata fans is that the Kolkata Knight Riders won the toss and elected to field.

Wa-Didil before Wa-Ranapra

Someone from the stump microphone yells at Varun Chakraborty: “Jaldi, jaldi varun, jaldi, jaldi” you are shouting. The bowler began to measure his run-up, and the teammates knew he would take his sweet time covering almost five yards. However, Varun, like most bowlers and spinners, does not hop step by step. A guy like Rashid Khan bolts through the routine, but Shahid Afridi almost jumps when he marks his run. But Varun is not in a hurry, he crawls through it, taking one step at a time, like a baby taking steps to learn to walk on the moon. After taking one step, he waited for eternity before planting another, so he could trip himself next to each other, annoying some of his impatient companions.

Robin, doing it deftly now

Robin Uthappa batsman at the other end of the IPL last year when Rahul Tewatia’s brilliant attack broke the imagination of the people. Uthappa was the senior batsman for the Rajasthan Royals, but he could not make it big that night. It was even better than the 2019 game when he played for KKR and fought as Royal in the game against Mumbai Indians. He had 25 dot balls in his 47 balls that night. Over the past few years he has been sent from one team to another and even his work with CSK seemed to dig in for many hours until Suresh Raina settled for a nig. He broke the match-deciding knock in the first play-off and now plays a lovely guest role in the final (15-ball 31). Sunil Narine started the first ball with a reverse sweep even though he was not connected. He smashed Shakib Al Hasan on long-on and dropped a carom ball from Varun Chakraborty on a wide midwicket β€” his special shot. He walloped Narine on the midwicket, attempting another reverse sweep before he fell to the LBW. Overall, though, the last two games should have done a lot to erase the bad memories from the last two years.

It / it, left / right, Iyer / or

Inauguration of the Lanky Venkatesh Iyer Tournament. He can hit stadium-clearing sixes, can sound with wickets of all kinds of medium pace, and he can throw bullets from depth with both hands. He was kept at the cover, and Varun Chakraborty hit the ball towards a third man by Robin Uthappa. He bowed a long distance, intercepted a fast-moving ball near the ropes, picked it up with his left hand and threw a neat, flat throw in a fluid motion. In the next over, while he was standing in deep ground, Uthappa hit one through the covers. Iyer sparkled in time in blocking a boundary, collected it clean and shot another flat throw to the bowler. Only this time, he used his right hand. There are left-handed batsmen and right-handed bowlers. In a different way. But their salt-worthy fielders are few and far between, skilled with both hands to file in a hammer throw from depth. Who knows, he can bat with the right hand and also with the left hand. Quiz his school teachers, maybe he can write with both hands.

Chewing gum, chewing bowler

Even when Deepak Chahar ran for the first ball of the chase, Shubman Gill chewed his gum. Batsmen can usually chew between deliveries and only a few – as we all know – do actively even when the bowler is about to deliver the ball. As the ball was released, Gill went into the track and bounced over the midwicket. Gill likes that shot on midwicket. Most people play that shot but most people can’t keep shape even when going on track. It was almost as if he was standing on a camera trolley sliding forward. Gill somehow managed to stay almost stable – the lead shoulder was not jerking at all, the head was not bobbing and the bat was neat and soft to create carnage.

Dhoni dropped two

MS Dhoni often misses two chances of a batsman. Venkatesh Iyer is lucky. Dhoni had lunch the first time and did wonderfully to get the second glove brush. Chris Srikanth guessed the first edge – “A khachak coming viewers!” Khachak The sound effect he gives to the ball predicts that he will bowl Josh Hazelwood in the second over. And he did too and Iyer backed away from trying to hit it from the backfoot but cursed it. It went to the left of Dhoni, maybe it was not that high or it was not too far from him so he jumped a little more than necessary. Eventually it can immerse the touch. Dhoni gestured to anyone that in the end it was a bit shaky. Someone wonders who that fielder is. He shows such reactions to his friend Suresh Raina who usually does not play the game. In the fifth over, Shardul Thakur bowled a slow short ball and Iyer smashed the edge of his attempt to the edge and it broke on Dhoni. He completed his leap perfectly and stretched his right arm completely but the ball brushed his glove and fled.



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