X Factor star Tom Mann pays emotional tribute after fiancee dies on wedding day

United Kingdom X Factor star Tom Mann has posted a moving tribute to his late fiancée, Dani Hampson, who died on the day they were supposed to get married.

Mann, 28, announced the tragic news on Monday that her partner, with whom she has an eight-month-old son, Bowie, had died of undisclosed causes.

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“I can’t believe I’m writing these words, but my dear Dani, my best friend, my everything and more, the love of my life, passed away in the early hours of Saturday, June 18,” he wrote alongside a black man. Black and white photograph of Hampson with Bowie.

“On what was supposed to be the happiest day of our lives, it ended in irreversible heartbreak.

“I feel like I’ve cried an ocean.”

On Friday, he shared a series of images of Hampson, a publicist who had also performed as a backup dancer for Harry Styles and the Spice Girls, on his Instagram Stories.

One image, first shared by Hampson in 2019, shows her performing on stage at a concert, while another shows her holding her phone to take a photo.

Dani performing on stage. Credit: Instagram/Tom Mann
Dani Hampson was supposed to marry former X Factor star Tom Mann. Credit: Instagram/Tom Mann

Over the weekend, Mann posted another image of the couple kissing and one of a group of friends at a picnic to commemorate Dani’s passing.

|There are simply no words to describe how much I miss you, Dan”, is the title of the photo of the kiss.

“Forever and ever.”

Meanwhile, the commemorative photo was captioned: “Today was for our Dani.”

The commemorative photo was captioned: “Today was for our Dani.” Credit: Instagram/Tom Mann

Since then, other friends and family have paid tribute to the 34-year-old.

Sister-in-law Helena Smith also took to Instagram to post a photo of them together.

“I never thought I would write this post,” Smith wrote alongside the black-and-white photo.

“My beautiful sister-in-law passed away June 18, 2022… 34 years old, ready to marry an amazing husband to be with her 8 month old son.”

Smith noted that the wedding had been postponed twice due to COVID and was finally scheduled for when the tragedy occurred.

“He waited so patiently for his special day, 2 postponed dates later, it finally arrived.

Tom Mann and Dani Hampson. Credit: Instagram

“The 18th was my birthday, and while it should have been all about her, she still made plans around her own wedding weekend to celebrate me too.

“I can never thank you enough for your selflessness and always, always putting other people first, even when you didn’t have to.

“This day will forever be a celebration for you.”

Smith added that she had always looked up to her sister-in-law and considered her “the big sister I never had.”

“You taught me so much and I promise to use what I’ve learned from you for the rest of my life, and to always be there for Bowie, I’m so happy to be his aunt.”

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Mann said he was “completely broken” over the loss of his future wife.

“We never got to [altar]; or we could say our vows, or dance our first dance, but I know you know you were my whole world and the best thing that ever happened to me, Danielle, ”she wrote on Instagram announcing the sad news.

“I will wear this ring that I was always meant to wear as a sign of my unconditional love for you.

An emotional post on Tom’s Instagram page. Credit: Instagram/Tom Mann

“Honestly, I don’t know where to go from here, but I know I need to use whatever strength I can muster for our little boy.

“I will not be a mark on the father you have already become, but I promise that I will do my best to raise Bowie the way we always wanted.

“I promise you he will know how amazing his mom was.

“I promise to make you so proud.”

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Hampson’s father, Martin, also took to social media to express the family’s devastation.

“She was the beating heart of our family,” he wrote on Instagram.

“She will always be my little princess, the love of Mom’s life, the sister Andy adored, Helena’s best friend, Tom’s true love and of course Bowie’s amazing mom.

“We are all devastated and completely heartbroken.”

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Hampson’s brother Andy also paid tribute, saying Dani had always been a “best friend” in hiding.

“The love we had for each other was immeasurable,” he wrote.

“When people who didn’t know us well would ask if we got along, I’d say perfectly fine, we never argued, just a very occasional sibling fight.”

Tom Mann appeared on the UK version of X Factor in 2014 as part of the band Stereo Kicks, making it to the finals.

The bad split a year after X Factor launched them to fame, but Mann has gone on to have a successful songwriting career.

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