Hollywood superstar Will Smith has revealed in more detail about his relationship with partner Jada Pinkett Smith, information that Jada has a ‘romantic relationship’ Singer August Alsina The couple split up a few years ago.

While promoting his memoir Will, the actor told GQ that he and Jada were openly married, where they both had sex with other people outside. Although Will did not go into details, he said it was very difficult at first to wrap his head around the concept because of his strict Christian upbringing. Meanwhile, Jada is more open to the idea because she already has family members with extraordinary relationships.

Smith also opened up about his dream at a time when he had “girlfriends in the city” including A-Lister Halle Berry. “I don’t know where I ‘ve seen it or as a teenager, but the idea of ​​traveling with 20 women I loved and cared for and all of these seemed like really great ideas,” Smith said of the information.

Smith added it Marriage was not a ‘prison’ for him or Jada Pinkett Smith, If anything, being honest with each other and strengthening their bond with themselves, the star noted. “Jada never believed in a traditional marriage. … Jada had family members who had an extraordinary relationship. So she grew up very differently than I did. There was considerable endless discussion, what is relative perfection? What is the right way to communicate as a couple? And for the most part in our relationship, monogamy Only we have chosen, we do not consider monopoly to be the only absolute perfection, ”Smith told me. And for us marriage is not a prison. And I will not suggest our way to anyone. I do not recommend this road to anyone. But the freedoms and unconditional supportive experiences we provide for each other are the highest definition of love. ”


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