Shang-Chi and The Legend of the Ten Rings is the first Marvel Cinematic Universe movie starring a superhero of Asian origin. Destin was directed and starred by Daniel Cretton Simu Liu in the lead roleThe film introduced the Master of Kung Fu to MCU fans.

Although the movie version of Shang-Chi is very different from the original comic version, it is still worth exploring the origins of the superhero.

Created in the early 1970s, the superhero Marvel Comics’ Warner Bros. was born with the desire to create a literary version of Qi Chang Cain from the then popular TV series Kung Fu. But Warner Bros. owns (and continues to own) Marvel’s rival DC and Marvel’s request is rejected.

Then, Marvel decided to license the pulp character Fu Snow and turn Shang-chi Snow’s still unknown son and even his sworn enemy.

The superhero was introduced as the Master of Martial Arts and became an unparalleled hand fighter in the Special Marvel Edition # 15 and instantly became popular. Throughout the 70s, he continued to be one of the most famous Marvel street-level superheroes despite his stereotype. He partnered with similar heroes like Iron Fist to fight the worst aspects of society.

Meanwhile, when Marvel Fu lost his license to ice, the character name was changed to Zheng Zhu. And since most of the original Shang-chi stories contain Snow and his supporting characters, they cannot be reprinted.

After his popularity waned in the 1980s, Shang-chi disappeared from Marvel Comics. He returned in the 2007 Heroes for Hire series. He also starred in the famous 2015 Secret Wars storyline.

In the film, the comedic characters of Mandarin and Fu Snow create a mixed character called Venu. For example, like Fu Snow, this Mandarin Shang-chi father has nothing to do with the original Mandarin superhero.

Meanwhile, Simu Liu himself, along with the director and writers, made sure that MCU’s portrayal of Shang-chi was complex and relative, but not authentic to the source material. “Those comics were written by whites. And they did not necessarily understand the authentic Asian-American experience. So the character that came out … he did not seem to be three – dimensional. We thought it’s more important to follow this family story comic book or to be the standard for the source material, “Liu told


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