Victoria Beckham reportedly checked out another star’s wedding menu

The famous Spanish chef Dani García has criticized victoria beckham for “changing the whole menu” at a celebrity wedding and causing him conflict in the process, but the fashion designer’s friends dispute his claims.

During an interview on the talk show of the Spanish television channel Antena 3 the anthill On Monday night, the 46-year-old chef, who has three Michelin stars, detailed Beckham’s alleged menu reshuffling at the wedding of former Real Madrid soccer player Sergio Ramos and TV presenter Pilar Rubio near Seville in Spain in 2019. .

“It was very strange,” Garcia said on the show, which has been translated by multiple media outlets. “Victoria Beckham changed the whole menu”.

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victoria beckham
Victoria Beckham reportedly ‘changed the whole menu’ at a wedding in 2019. (Instagram)

Garcia claimed that Beckham’s “strange” habits at the wedding included having coconut water with her “all the time” and bowls of mint.

“It was very sad because when you put so much effort, not only me and my team, but the bride and groom and everyone else to create a unique menu,” he continued.

“Hers was totally different and just plant-based. And then there were some weird things I’ve never seen in my life.”

Garcia said that in addition to the coconut water and mints, Beckham also carried “hydroalcoholic gel” (hand sanitizer) which, at the time, he believed was an unusual habit since the coronavirus pandemic had not started.

“It was difficult to give Victoria her menu that night,” he said.

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However, a source claiming to be close to Beckham has disputed the chef’s recollection of the events, according to multiple media outlets.

“It’s a great story, but it’s not fair or accurate,” the source said.

“The most Victoria would have done when asked about dietary requirements was order some fish and vegetables.”

However, this isn’t the first time Beckham’s eating habits have been called “bizarre”; in fact, his diet has been the subject of much speculation and scrutiny over the years.

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Beckham will reportedly not eat any food that has been cooked in butter, oil or sauces, and does not eat dairy or red meat.

David and Victoria Beckham
David Beckham revealed in February that Victoria Beckham has eaten the same food for 25 years. (instagram)

It was also rumored during the 2004 UEFA European Football Championship that he only ate strawberries and drank only mineral water.

At the beginning of this year, david beckham he lamented the fact that while he enjoys lavish dinners and delicious wines, his wife does not. In fact, revealed that the 48-year-old has eaten the same meal of grilled fish and steamed vegetables for more than a decade..

“I get pretty excited about food and wine, when I’m eating something good I want everyone to try it,” Beckham told the River Coffee Table 4 podcast.

“Unfortunately I am married to someone who has eaten the same thing for the last 25 years. Since I met her, she only eats grilled fish, steamed vegetables, very rarely deviates from that.”

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