Very little happens, but I didn’t want this train ride to end

We learn almost nothing about the background of Laura or Lyokha (Yuri Borisov). In fact, the movie was almost over before he even knew her name. It doesn’t matter: we can see that he is damaged, she is alone, that he fears her emotions or the vulnerability of being kind. We can see, if you want to extrapolate, the whole awkward history of Finland and Russia in the way these two relate, but it’s not necessary for the process to get caught up in their history.

It’s that kind of movie: days and days go by in the white desert, which we rarely see, except from inside the train. Very little happens between these two unhappy souls. And then as the end draws near, I found myself hoping it would continue. Go figure. It takes quite a bit of skill to be that cunning.

Compartment No. 6 It’s in theaters starting June 30.

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