The first Poison: Let there be carnage Reviews started doing tricks. So far, after 91 critical reviews, the sequel starring Tom Hardy has scored 58 percent on Rotten Tomatoes, which is just average.

This was not a big concern for Studio Sony, however, as it could score only 30 percent on the First Venom Movie Review aggregation site and, however, grossed $ 856 million worldwide on a $ 116 million budget.

The critical consensus is, “The sequel, which targets fans of the original ‘odd pair chemistry, Venam: Let There Be Carnage has embraced the franchise’s silly side with interest.”

Based on the story of Marcel and Hardy, the film, written by Kelly Marcel and directed by Andy Serkis, continues the story of investigative reporter Eddie Brock. In the first movie, Eddie is infected with a clever alien parasite named Venom, who provides supernatural powers, but lives in his body as an unwanted guest.

Woody Harrelson plays the primary adversary Cletus Cassidy or Carnage, another serial killer infected with Carnage. Harrelson appeared briefly in the mid-credits scene of the first film.

Michelle Williams and Reed Scott are back from the original movie. Also starring Naomi Harris and Stephen Graham.

Joe Morgen‌stern of the Wall Street Journal wrote, “Its unruly credit, Venom 2, as it is called, manipulates with all the empires that can deploy its audience, many of which are happily ridiculous.”

Tim Grierson of Screen International writes, “Andy Serkis performs a relatively rigorous operation that is subject to a lot of opera and a passionate emotion that exudes extensive comedy and comic-book glory.”

In her review of the New York Times’ Amy Nicholson said, “This is, in essence, a slapstick blood bath about two-thirds of the time that throples therapy is needed.”

Richard Lawson of Vanity Fair was even more negative. He wrote, “It’s mostly noise and thin and to no avail, a hasty response to the original unexpected success and a few more. Naturally the third film will be promoted at the end.

Venom Let There Carnage is set to release on October 14 in India except Maharashtra and will hit theaters on October 22.


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