Trailer: “The Most Dangerous Game”

Trailer The Most Dangerous Game
Mill Creek Entertainment

Mill Creek Entertainment has released a trailer for a remake of the 1930s thriller classic “The Most Dangerous Game.” Tom Berenger, Chris ‘CT’ Tamburello, Bruce Dern, Judd Nelson and Caspar Van Dien star in the project.

In the new film, a father and son wash ashore after their steamboat explodes. The pair take refuge on a mysterious island where their infamous host, Baron Von Wolf (Van Dien), reveals it to be his hunting ground where humans serve as the ultimate hunt.

Berenger plays a man who has been hiding on the island but whose sanity is on the brink of collapse. Elissa Dowling, Kevin Porter, Eddie Finlay and Randy Charach co-star.

Justin Lee writes and directs the film which was shot in the Pacific Northwest. The film will hit theaters and video on demand on August 5.

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