Trachtenberg expects more “Predator”

Trachtenberg expects more Predator

The upcoming “Prey” serves as a major departure for the “Predator” franchise, a film that seemingly takes a major creative turn by placing the creature in a period-specific setting and returning to the franchise’s hardcore survival-thriller roots. .

Anticipation is high for the film, and its director Dan Trachtenberg says he sees a lot of potential for future movies in the franchise, as long as he keeps taking risks. He says Time is over:

“There are a lot of exciting ideas about what could be next for the franchise. The things that excite me the most are the boldest swings and I think there is room to do other things that have not been done before.”

Certainly, the film’s central premise of placing the creature(s) in specific settings and locations in the story and watching them go berserk as a variation on the “Assassin’s Creed” formula is appealing.

“Prey” is set on the Great Plains of the United States three centuries ago, where a Comanche warrior (Amber Midhunter) faces off against the intergalactic hunter in a deadly cat-and-mouse chase.

One key thing that Trachtenberg brings back is that it focuses less on the story and more on the battle: “There’s not a lot of dialogue in the movie, it’s mostly told through action.”

For what little dialogue there is, “Prey” is also getting a Comanche-language dub as part of its release, and Trachtenberg says he won’t bother those who want to try it that way: “The dub has come a long way, it’s not going to feel like an old Shaw Brothers kung fu movie. I feel like it adds a whole new layer of authenticity.”

“Prey” premieres exclusively on Hulu on August 5.

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