Hong Kong star Tony Leung, who plays a negative role in Shang-Chi and Legend of the Ten Rings, said he rejected it because he had previously had a part of his failed father resembling his childhood.

In the upcoming Marvel film, Leung’s first Hollywood venture after a popular career in internationally acclaimed films such as In the Mood for Love, Happy Together and Chungking Express, the actor plays the villain father to the title hero.

“Someone approached me to play the role of a failed father, but I turned it down because I didn’t want to be reminded of how my dad had treated me,” he told the cover story with Len GQ magazine.

The 59-year-old actor said his lonely childhood led to hobbies like reading, cycling and visiting museums.

“Maybe because of my childhood background, it kept me away from people … Since then, I’ve learned to find what I really enjoy when I’m alone. Because you can’t always rely on being with people to be happy, right?”

Although he could not imagine a man with superpowers, Leng said he could understand Venu’s character and that he was a “father failure”.

“Honestly, I can’t imagine anyone in the real world with superpowers … but I can imagine an immature man like him, a father failure … On the one hand, he’s a bad father, but on the other hand, I see him as someone who loves his family dearly. He knows how to love himself. I don’t think so. ”

Shang Chi Stills Shang-Chi will be released in India on September 3 (Photo: Marvel)

Chinese-Canadian star Simu Liu will play the lead role in the Marvel film, which will be released in India on September 3. The actor turned it into a “well-rounded tragic man”.

“At Marvel we’ve been lucky to work with so many famous actors, people you can call Living Legends (but) no one is as impressive as Tony or that word can hit the Legend. He’s never been to a Hollywood set before. I live in Los Angeles, sometimes you see other actors , But Tony is this legendary man only in these wonderful movies.

“It was great to meet him in person, which I did briefly before the shutdown. Venu is a new character. We really want him to have villainous tones, but we want you to be this sad guy who feels so deep. No one is greater than Tony for this. We have a lot of expectations on what he can do and he has surpassed them all. It is a very special show, ”Feez told PTI.

Directed by Destin Daniel Cretton, it also stars Shang-Chilo Awkafina, Michelle Yoh, Ronnie Ching, Mengir Zhang, Fala Chen, Florian Munty and Benedict Wang.


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