Time to die as James Bond director Carrie Fukuna: ‘I want to see with the audience’

The movie business naturally starts and stops, but some have experienced the phrase “hurry up and wait” like No Time to Die director Carrie Fukunaga.

As a 44-year-old Foucault, he directed the 25th Bond film after the departure of Danny Boyle, the first season of Beasts of No Nation filmmaker and True Detective. That was followed by, for a big budget movie like No Time to Die, a Sprint to rewrite the script (with Neil Purvis, Robert Wade and Phoebe Waller-Bridge), start production in the spring of 2019, roll through the fall and have the film ready for release in April 2020 .

When the epidemic hit, the title No Time to Die was put on ice for a year and a half, but MGM and United Artists waited for the right conditions to release the film, which cost at least $ 250 million to release.

Bond became the first American Fukuna to direct a film in the franchise’s 58 years, and has since moved on to other projects. But waiting for the biggest movie of his career – a lot of things during the epidemic – was discomposing. It also affected his dreams. Fukunaga recently spoke by phone to the Associated Press from London, saying No Time to Die will finally arrive on September 30 in the United Kingdom and October 8 in the US.

How was this experience, waiting for the No Time to Die release?

I have never experienced anything like it. Released later but never – especially since we broke our backs trying to finish in a timely manner. So it became strange. You want to see this with the audience and see how people respond. But you put it behind you. What I don’t get on this subject is that someone else is satisfied watching the movie and saying “I hate it” or “I like it”. That’s the part you’ve been waiting for. Some people like it. Some people don’t like it. But you still want to hear. Even if you don’t want to hear it, you want to hear it.

How confident are you in the release date?

I mean, nothing is perfect until it actually happens. After many delays, I was the last person to know these things. So whatever they tell me I will go. I have no part in making sure this happens or not. I will appear now.

Have you ever woken up and wondered: Did I really do that movie?

I had a dream last night (Skyfall and Specter Director) Sam Mendes was there. We were on vacation on some frozen lake. There’s a notion: he’s done with Bond films. And he said, “Oh, you finished one. Now you get a break. “Then we started water skiing on a frozen lake. It was a strange dream.

Hollywood is struggling to decide which is best for the most expensive films, such as No Time to Die, which will have to sell out huge amounts of tickets for the break even. Do you feel that pressure?

Of course. You want the film to perform as well as possible. Industry experts tell you that everyone is optimistic, but no one knows what will happen. You have the opportunity to say that Kovid is a trivial cause. You want to be the exception and people will look huge. You don’t want to be the epidemic the reason people don’t show up to watch your movie.

What is your real interest in making a Bond movie?

I talked about making Bond movies. I also talked to (producer Barbara Broccoli) about doing one of these shortly after Specter. I always wanted to have the opportunity to compete – and even though I wanted my fellow filmmakers to do well – I wanted to compete – to see if I could make a film that people really wanted to show for the film. To me, Bond always makes the most sense of any tent, iconic toys as a character. If you look at my work in the past, I always focused on outsiders. This person is an outsider for 60 years. He felt what kind of role I wanted to play. Almost everyone in my characters is an orphan.

You created a six minute single take on True Detective. Expect a long shot in no time to die?

If we had more time, it would be on my radar. You have your preferences. I came in after Danny Boyle left the project and we had very little time to go into pre-production to prepare the script and do this thing. This means that all hands are on deck to get the story right and try to make sure it did justice to Daniel’s run. We wanted to tie the very loose ends or story threads that were set up in the last four films. So my biggest focus is to try to make the story work on all levels. My ability to focus on specialty shots is clearly a primary concern, but second to a satisfying storyline and emotional story.

The film is known as a more psychological thriller. Is that accurate?

If there is a needle bent to one side or the other depending on the genre, it is still a bond film. But it tends to be psychological.

Like the old fashioned Bond woman it seems that you and your colleagues have some bond traditions like losing or inverting.

I think we all wanted to – and I would say that Barbara was there too – leaving the last girl and not wanting to fall into the trap of going to the next girl. There’s even a technical term for it, called “fridge,” which is just a terrible word. Bond is a lot of fun to play with in anticipation of the woman’s disposability. The fun part is, you don’t have to seem to react to time flows, but bow your head to time flows with respect and understanding of the character, story and place.

And are you happy with the movie you made?

Yes. Whenever you do something, you want to change it and make things better. But if I take it all into account, this movie took years to make instead of one year.


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