The view turned out to be corona positive for host Hopi Goldberg

Leading actor and co-host of The View Hopi Goldberg tested positive for Kovid-19. Joy Behr, co-host of the ABC talk show, revealed the 66-year-old Goldberg’s confirmation on Monday’s show.

“Hopi was unfortunately tested positive at the break, but I hope she’s back next week. Since she’s been waxed and boosted, her symptoms are very mild, but we’re very careful here at The View,” said Behr, 79.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, another co-host, Sunny Hostin, 53, also tested positive for Kovid-19 before Christmas.

“I’m very grateful to have been vaccinated and raised because I have symptoms like the common cold, but I did not feel great,” Hostin said.

Ana Navarro’s father tested positive for the virus during the holidays, along with Sarah Hines’ husband on separate occasions. All the hosts appeared on the show remotely.

Celebrity late-night show host Jimmy Fallon also revealed that he tested positive for Kovid-19 during the holiday break. He shared a photo of himself wearing a mask in the isolation room on Instagram on Monday.

“Hey guys, on the first day of our holiday break I found Kovid positive. I was vaccinated and raised, and I’m lucky to have only mild symptoms, “wrote Fallon, who is recovering from a break from The Tonight Show.

The 47-year-old thanked medical professionals for their commitment to their job of “saving everyone”.

“Thanks to NBC for taking the testing protocols very seriously and for doing a great job,” he added.


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