The True Crime Podcasts That Inspired Liane Moriarty’s Latest Novel The Apples Never Fall

So what makes Moriarty’s books screen-ready? “With big liesThey were looking for a project that they could do with multiple female characters, so that’s what drew Nicole Kidman and Reese Witherspoon,” says Moriarty. “My books are always written from multiple points of view and have a lot of little subplots, so that helps with the television rather than the film adaptation.

Liane, Jaci and Nicola Moriarty are all writers.

Liane, Jaci and Nicola Moriarty are all writers.

“To be honest, what happened to big lies It was that they did a great job with the adaptation, it inspired people to look at the other books. I was very lucky,” she says. “I am so grateful that the adaptations have brought me so many readers and I have never felt left out. But that’s still not the main game for me, it’s about writing the book.”

Growing up, Moriarty wanted to be a writer, but at a certain point, “she lost that dream.” It was her sister Jaci de Ella, also a writer, who encouraged her to return to the keyboard. Another sister, Nicola, is also a writer. When they were little, her dad commissioned the five siblings, four girls and one boy, to write stories: they gave you $1.50 if you filled a workbook with words.

It was only after spending many years in the corporate world in advertising and marketing that he returned to that original ambition. Did he write better after he left and lived a little? “I feel like I didn’t do anything interesting enough,” he says with a laugh. “I think that would be true if he had lived a fascinating life. I always say that to budding authors: go and lead various lives and do interesting things, and then you can write.”

In addition to walking, Moriarty says he comes up with great ideas while driving. “It’s great to be doing something where you’re moving, going for a walk or taking a shower, where you think you’re doing one thing, but your mind is working in the background.”

Surprisingly, given the amount of stuff that happens in her novels, she doesn’t map it out first, far from it. She won’t write down ideas for a while, but if she keeps coming back to them, that shows they’re worth pursuing. “If I write it down, often when I come back to read it, it’s not as good as I thought… if [an idea] it keeps coming back to me and i want to know what happens so i hope the reader does too.


“I don’t plan my books and I’m worried that I might get cornered.”

Although she gets anxious before book tours, she has been thrilled to meet readers again after the pandemic. Once she’s done a few events, she says she finds her groove and then towards the end she starts to hate the sound of her own voice. “I feel like that person who has had too much to drink at dinner and talks too much about himself.”

It’s refreshing to know that even someone as successful as Moriarty still has moments when he runs out of ideas. “In the beginning, I always panic and fret about time, which is the stage I’m in right now, I don’t really have anything for the next novel,” he says. “I’m waiting for them to reveal it to me.”

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