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In particular, Joel Cohen’s 105 Minutes of The Tragedy of Macbeth – Apple TV + reminded me of the German expressionist films, the film Noir, the Gothic Horror, Robert Rodriguez’s Sin City (2005), and Arson Welles’ Macbeth adaptation from 1948. , Denzel Washington’s performance in Training Day (2001) and Francis McDormand’s computational and panic roles in several Cohen brothers’ films.

This is a movie you will enjoy if you know your Macbeth and / or movies. But I’m not sure if this film will ever grow beyond its origins and effects. Daredevil Indian Macbeth adaptations Unlike Macbeth and Joji or Akira Kurosawa’s Throne of Blood (1957) – feudal Japan-set Macbeth with Noah influences – Macbeth’s madness never goes out of screen in Joel Cohen’s film. It is so subtle, studied, and hyperstilized that it really haunts or scares you. The Tragedy of Macbeth is a masterpiece experiment, and only on those terms, it is a great film.

Ethan Cohen, who co-wrote and directed 18 films with his younger brother Joel for 34 years, chose not to be part of the project. The Tragedy of Macbeth was developed by Joel Cohen and his wife Francis McDormand, who previously starred in 2016 Stage Adaptation as Lady Macbeth and one of the weirdest sisters. Bruno Del Bonnell shot the film digitally in black and white with a 1: 37: 1 aspect ratio, a pre – widescreen standard for American sound films. Denzel Washington played Macbeth and Francis McDormand played Lady Macbeth.

The three are strange sisters in the same body, sometimes split into three, one of the first surprises from Katherine Hunter, who occasionally turns into a crow. For the three witches, she has different voices, which opens the picture on the black screen. When we see a hunter we understand pride. Before she wakes up her spy body twists and turns like a large bird, the sound design emphasizing her limited status of half-crow, half-crow.

Straight lines, shades, symmetry everywhere you look in this wonderfully shot film. Cohen, Del Bonnell, production designer Stephen Dichant, art director Jason T. Clark and set decorator Nancy High Macbeth wrapped up the architectural German expressionist / film noir style of labyrinth and cheeroscuros.

Unlike David Fincher’s Monk, Eric Messer‌schmidt’s digital black-and-white cinematography is considered an uncomfortable idea, while the sleek, grain-less digital sheen actually works in favor of The Tragedy of Macbeth. Filmed entirely on sound stages, the matte paintings in the exterior shots of the film, especially the pitch-black sky with the famous stars, reminded me of another cinematic hell on earth, Sin City. The scene where Lady Macbeth walks in her sleep at night and washes her hands is pure gothic horror.

Francis McDormand in a still from the film.
Francis McDormand in a still from the film.

I was initially unconvinced by the pairing of Denzel Washington and Francis McDormand as Macbeths, but the casting made sense after Duncan (Brendan Gleeson) was killed. As Macbeth’s hubris grew, Washington unleashed his characteristic voice and anger, which we saw in many of his action entertainers, especially on Training Day. And with Lady Macbeth now frightened, McDormand is cautious and careful, a certain presentation style she has introduced us to over the years.

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In many ways, Joel Cohen’s Bard Noir Welles’ Macbeth’s future looks like an updated version. The Welles version is thought to be an ancient fever dream from the Scottish Moors, which also haunts Cohen’s Macbeth. But because of the production values ​​and skill, his film lacks the brutal atmosphere of a low-budget Welles film, which is a key part of the Macbeth story. As a result, one is left wondering at the skill at work.

The Tragedy of Macbeth
Director: Joel Cohen
Cast: Denzel Washington, Francis McDormand et al


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