The Croods A New Age Review: Jostle Very Good Ideas For Space In A Crowded Movie

The Croods: New Age Movie Director: Joel Crawford
The Croods: New Age Voice Cost: Emma Stone, Ryan Reynolds, Nicholas Cage, Catherine Keiner, Peter Dinklage, Leslie Mann, Chloris Leachman, Kelly Marie Tran
The Croods: New Age Movie Rating: 2.5 stars

Croods: There are so many good ideas in A New Age. That’s not necessarily a bad thing. Both Brown and the brain have their place. Two girls and one boy do not always have to make a triangle. Girls have muscles and scars – and be the envy of others. Somehow the more walls we build the more insecure we feel. There doesn’t have to be villains to make someone a hero. And most people, when they realize something has gone wrong, are ready to apologize.

The problem is, a lot of things in The Croods are confusing, coming eight years after the original. In fact, it’s only a nanosecond in the history of the planet, especially in the Caveman era where the movie is set, so we’ve been able to get back to where the first movie ended. But where director Crawford has a winner, in solving the problems that are now mundane, (unlikely), a new era will fall on the “adventures” of the times that fit that survival.

From monsters, monkeys, worms to moths, the so-called dangers of the Croods and others, yet, they have no touch of reality. No attempt or research has been made to rebuild that world. Instead, everything is just neon-colored riots – pain to the eyes as loud as to the ears. Someone seems to have an interesting fetish for bananas, spending all their slippery time on them.

In Quiet Moments, A New Age includes Stone Eap, Reynolds Guy, Cage Gr ,gg, Keener Ugg – voices that win some hearts by repeating their characters from the first film and, most importantly, Dinklaze and Mann Hippie, through Floater. -Wearing a prehistoric human version of the human bun-vanilla essence.

The next two bettermen, they made an oasis for themselves and their daughter between that wild world and closed it inside the walls to prevent “dangers”. Building that oasis is no chore, it involves the ingenuity of Phil (Dink‌lage) and Hope (Man). They showers, compost bins, sinks, commodes, makeshift elevators, rooms, “privacy” and “personality” – all concepts alien to the Croods. When the Croods rush into their world, literally, who influences whom?

In their love for their daughters and their desire to “save” and hold on to them, Grugg and Phil are no different from each other.

But this was evident long before the film came to fruition.


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