The Boys’ Antony Starr Reacts To MCU Wolverine Fan Casting

One of the most popular characters for Marvel fans to share their fan casting picks for these days is Gluttonwho will finally arrive in the MCU along with the others X Men in the next years. After Hugh Jackman’s incredible 17-year run as James Loganthere are some big claws to fill for the next take on the role, though there are plenty of impressive contenders in the mix.

Previous Harry Potter the protagonist Daniel Radcliffe has responded numerous times to fan-casts using him as James Logan, just like Taron Egerton after his impressive work in movies like rocketman and the king man Serie. Also, there is another very popular superhero show with a couple of potential options on Amazon Prime. Boys.

The acclaimed series already has an MCU fan favorite in Karl Urbanwho played Skurge in Thor: Ragnarök and has been used in fan-casts for Wolverine in recent years. Plus, one of his biggest co-stars is now in the Wolverine mix, to which he offered a response on social media.

Anthony Starr talks about the Wolverine fancast

instagram user @spdrmnkyxxiii shared a fan-made image of Boys star Anthony Starr as Wolverine from Marvel Studios. He also shared a caption that praised Starr’s work on Season 3 of Boysnoticing how he”has the (lamb) chops“to do the role well:

Anthony Starr, Wolverine
@spdrmnkyxxiii on Instagram

Starr then responded to this fan-cast in the comments with nearly a dozen images of the “laughing” emoji, noting how he feels the pain as he imagines the kind of stunt work he would have to do:

“Ooofff, my bones ache just thinking about stunt work!”

Anthony Starr's Instagram

This isn’t the first time the Homelander actor has acknowledged the potential to play Logan. tell ScreenGeek that of all the X-Men, he would want to play Wolverine. Starr had a condition to dress as the mutant hero, as he noticed that the portrayal of Hugh Jackman did not use spandex, something Starr seems to want to adjust:

“Big shoes to fill, man. Jackman has practically put his mark on it, hasn’t he? So, I never say never, man, but at the moment, I’m enjoying what we’re doing here. I mean, to be honest, Wolverine doesn’t wear spandex, which is definitely a negative for me. I like the feel of skinny pants, you know, if they can fit the jeans, maybe.

On top of that, Starr has even responded to @spdrmnkyxxiiiWolverine’s artwork in the past, previously commenting that he needs to grow out Wolverine’s iconic sideburns:

“Note to self…learn how to grow pork chop sideburns!”

Toni Starr's Instagram comment

Homelander not ready for Wolverine’s stunt job?

Anthony Starr has certainly made a name for himself playing Homelander, one of Boysthe greatest villains in its first three seasons on Amazon Prime. But even though Starr would have the acting chops to play someone like Wolverine, she has a similar attitude and outlook on life as her character in Boysmakes a nice comment about the stunt work that would be required.

Being something of an evil version of Superman, Starr’s stunt work largely consists of being on wires to fly around and punch people, with his laser eyes reaching into post-production. Wolverine is a whole new beastboth literally and figuratively, as he is a character that requires a different kind of physique and strength to be played the right way on screen.

depending on how long Boys careers, Starr’s work could put him in a prime position to take on a future MCU role if he wants to go in that direction. Even though Starr seems bummed out by the prospects of playing Wolverine due to the stunt work required, his past interest in him and a new challenge may draw him to the MCU still.

Season 3 of Boys is now transmitting on Amazon Prime.

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