The author of Spider-Man No Way Home opens up the idea of ​​brotherhood between three superheroes: ‘The idea of ​​all three brothers …’

Spider-Man: Andrew Garfield and Toby Maguire appear on the No Way home screen to the delight of audiences in movie theaters. Watching all three versions of Spider-Man at once refreshed the audience’s memory of old Spider-Man movies and it was no less than a pleasure to see three superheroes fighting on the same team. The emotional bond between them brought the audience to tears and if Chris McKenna and Eric Somers believe it, the idea of ​​three brothers instantly worked for everyone.

In a recent chat with Yahoo! Toby brought up this Zen-like attitude, he suffered a lot, but he was this older brother. At the end of Amazing Spider-Man 2, they chose where we last saw the character of Andrew. He said, “Organically, if you look at where Andrew is and where we are coming from, he’s clearly on the same page and just built. On top of that, the thought after Amazing Spider-Man 2, let’s make it true where he is at the end of the movie and maybe he’s not in the best position right now and maybe he has something to prove to himself and others. He isolated himself from other people and it was an opportunity.

Garfield’s dialogue ‘I always wanted brothers’ received the desired soft response from the audience and it perfectly captured his emotional journey. “I think he’s always wanted to have brothers. ‘ Shared.

He said Andrew Garfield and Toby Maguire specifically said that No Way Home was considered an organic step in their travels in the universe. He shared, “Being inclined towards all of those things is an integral part of our conversation with each other, making sure each character is unique and specific and not just a curtain call to any of these characters. We really want to remove them organically from their movies and their lives and their travels, where they are, to be unique to it and it can not be shown without context.

Spider-Man: No Way Home concludes this chapter of Tom Holland’s Spider-Man, where he fights against villains from the multiverse, along with the Andrew and Tobe versions of the superhero.


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