Chloe Zhao’s Eternals Review aggregation site Rotten Tomatoes has a dubious identity as the only film in Marvel Cinematic with a ‘Rotten’ score. Furthermore, many people swear by praising performances, action, philosophy and themes.

Zhao recently discussed the film with Empire in detail about the theme of faith and the original, vague ending she had in mind.

Eternals is about supernatural, semi-immortal beings who lived secretly among humans from 5000 BC, about 7000 years before the Avengers initiative.

They were told by their celestial lord Arishem that they were the protectors of the earth and were in the process of destroying their devastating adversaries, the defectors. Although the Diviants seemed to be dead, the good people did not receive further communication from the sky, capturing them indefinitely (thought so) on Earth.

The theatrical ending of the movie we saw was very modest when Arishem dismissed many of the Eternals to find out whether it was the right decision to save humanity and allow a celestial death. Eternals, however, most of them, decided to save the people of the earth on the celestial body that gives birth from the core of the planet. For this crime, Arishem summoned Kingo (Kumail Nanziani), Cersei (Gemma Chan) and Fastos (Brian Tyrie Henry).

But in the original draft, the ending was worse than what we got for our heroes.

Zhao told Empire, “I don’t think I made a single film that had the same opening and ending scripts, because the scenes are fluid when we shoot. And we actually have another ending, which is really vague. Bleak. I do not hate it, because I’m used to films that are very sad. But I don’t think it was well liked by the audience.

She elaborated, “It [the ending] It ends with everyone sailing on the ship, minds being erased and moving to another planet like the Twilight Zone. When it turns black, everyone remembers me saying “I don’t know what to do”. Also, it’s MCU, and you’re excited for the next one.

Although Zhao wanted this ending, it was not well-liked by MCU fans who wanted things to go on somehow.


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