That makes good sense as to why the brutally beaten Marvel’s Eternals are a Disney Plus series

Over the past decade, Marvel has come out Overwhelming blockbusters As well as unforgettable images blended into the frozen mass that fans seem to not remember. However, The Marvel Cinematic Universe has not given up – it continues to desperately defend the existence of Thor: The Dark World, hoping that fans will agree that it’s relevant. And, it can do just the same The Eternals. The film has now been released on Disney Plus Hotstar.

No Marvel movie has hit as hard as The Eternals, which is a bit of a relief to DC followers who haven’t laughed out loud in recent years. Although the film grossed $ 162 million in its opening weekend, it fell short of box office expectations. It was the first Marvel movie to be rated rated and before its release, it attacked IMDb. The film has already caused a great deal of outrage and many viewers have viewed it with preconceived notions.

Truth be told, they are not completely wrong.

The Eternals (Photo: Marvel)

Directed by Chloe Zhao, the film’s basic flaw is that it tries to cram more content in less time. As you launch on Wild Ride on several timelines, you will experience ten different characters with huge exposure. It’s like being on a roller coaster for two hours, as if someone were talking in your ear while you were trying to process what was happening. The film is an ambitious project that reveals events unknown to anyone in the history of mankind in the history of MCU. The premise was promising, but the implementation was crumbling and frustrating. In short, it is confusing.

So who are the Eternals, and why did they decide to appear now, and not when Thanos was planning to turn the universe into half dust? Eternals are superheroes who have lived on Earth for many millennia. Among them are Ajax (Salma Hayek), Cersei (Gemma Chan), Icaris (Richard Madden), Thena (Angelina Jolie), Klingo (Kumail Nanziani), Sprite (Leah McHugh), Faustos (Brian Tyrie Henry), McCarthy (Loren) Drug (Barry Kyoghan) and Gilgamesh (our dong-seok). Marvel shook their brains and came up with a half-hearted excuse to give the audience a credible reason why they decided to sit down exactly during the Thanos episode. Clearly, Eternals can only take part in battles with defections and no one else. This is in stark contrast to the group’s constant expression of their desire to save human society, which felt that the world was almost doomed many times over.

The backstories of The Eternals have a massive 2.5 hour runtime. Half an hour after the movie starts, a superhero dies and you have no heart or time to mourn them. There is no time to think of investing in even a star-crossed romance between Icarus and Cersei. The two had a blossoming romance for 5000 years and were married during the Gupta era in India, when women wearing saris were married with a garland of flowers pouring down on them. They closed it with a kiss; Maybe the Guptas came up with more than we could give them credit for.

Beginning with Kit Harrington, along with the Marvel Comic Timing, there are many other elements in this film that stand out as toe pain. Kumail Nanjiani does his part and Harish Patel plays his glorified assistant. It’s hard to understand why Hollywood is trying on a Bollywood sequence that looks like they have never seen dance before, but someone who has never seen it themselves can explain it. It was played for laughter, which adds to the building crane already in the movie. Harish Patel, who speaks English fluently throughout the film, decided to give the worst speech in Hindi as he was leaving Eternals.

Blade (Photo: Marvel)

So what better way to handle an ambitious film like The Eternals? For starters, this could be the Disney Plus series – each character gives us more time to understand their motivations and strengths. In the movie, we did not understand much about their power until the second half and by that time, the world was in danger (again). The love story that formed the main theme of the film had time to grow and even pull the strings of the heart. Marvel always plays safe with its pairs. Tony Stark and the Pepper Pots are healthy and you feel sorry for Steve Rogers when he learns that his new world is without love, Peggy Carter in his new world. Yet the frustrating part of The Eternals love story is that you can see that their chemistry is likely to explode and be filled with emotion. Instead, we can only skim the surface. The audience needs to understand their story and understand why their unfortunate love is magnetic. Unfortunately, only other eternals tell us that. The last scene of Icarus ‘flying close to the sun’ is likely to be as hard and effective as the twisting of a sword, with tears in his eyes after recalling his time with Cersei.

The Eternals (Photo: Marvel)

Angelina Jolie’s honey is a serious nuisance, she often goes into the background. She has a mahd-enemy so that she can turn momentarily against the rest of the group and only Gilgamesh can control it. In the devastating turn of events, she loses him and is removed with revenge. However, we only see snatchings of these emotions in this rush plotline. One of the things that many fans and critics are wondering is, do you have stars like Angelia Jolie and Salma Hayek in a movie and how do you give them more screen-time?

Eternals were infinitely better as Marvel was entering new territory it had never explored before. They deserve better.


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