SXSW is one of the biggest cultural events in the world. And now Sydney is springing into action

Today’s news that SXSW, the creative people’s paradise, is coming to Sydney next October has musicians, influencers and fans jumping for joy.

But what is SXSW? Why are you heading to Australia? And how can you be part of the action?

Read on to find out.

What is SXSW?

Billie Eilish, Melinda Gates, Snoop Dogg, Barack Obama, Jordan Peele, Dave Grohl, Michelle Obama, Taika Waititi, Brené Brown, Steven Spielberg, Lady Gaga, Prince, Ava DuVernay.

These are just some of the notable people who have attended SXSW in the past.

It is pronounced “south by southwest” and is also known in colloquial terms as “south by”.

SXSW has also attracted some of the biggest Australian names. Guy Sebastian, Troye Sivan and Peking Duk are among some of the stars who have traveled to Austin, Texas in the past to be a part of the event.

It has been running since 1987 and was the first event of its kind when it started in March of that year.

Music was its original focus, but it has since expanded to include movies and interactive events, making it an annual gathering where people working in music, film, animation, games, media, technology and culture converge for a series of lectures, shows. , festivals and events.

SXSW is basically a place to get noticed if you’re an emerging or creative music artist.

It is also an environment for networking. The great wigs are all there. In fact, tens of thousands of people regularly visit Austin each year for the event.

It was started by a small group of people in the city who felt local talent had limited exposure, and wanted to change that.

And change they did. Since then, the event has grown to become the largest music festival of its kind in the world.

SXSW went online last year and in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic preventing in-person attendance. But it is returning to its former glory in March of this year.

Why are you coming to Australia?

The event will still take place in the United States next year. But Sydney has been chosen as the city to represent Asia Pacific with a separate SXSW festival.

This is probably the biggest thing to happen in Sydney since the 2000 Olympics and will mark the first time SXSW has been held outside of North America.

This will be the first time SXSW has ventured outside of its North American home.(Destination New South Wales)

Destination NSW, which is the NSW Government’s tourism and events agency, has managed to secure Sydney as the Asia-Pacific arm of SXSW, meaning this event will not be unique.

The plan is an annual event in Sydney to complement the one in Texas.

It is a great opportunity for the artists of the region to shine. SXSW has proven to be the boost some artists need to go from obscurity to household names. This is huge for creatives in the Asia-Pacific region.

“It will put the spotlight on Sydney as Asia Pacific’s premier events and creative industries capital, as well as its premier business and lifestyle destination,” NSW Tourism Minister Stuart Ayres said.

SXSW Sydney will run for one week from October 15-22, 2023. It’s seven days and seven nights of action.

How can I participate or get tickets?

An SXSW Sydney website It has been created to record your interest and find out how you can get involved.

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