Stranger Things Season 4B Release Causes Netflix Downfall Worldwide

NetflixThe plan to generate enthusiasm for the Strange things The season 4 finale by delaying the final two feature-length episodes seems to have worked a little too well, as the streaming service crashed in the early hours of Friday (July 1).

According to Variety, fall detector received nearly 13,000 outage reports in an hour, while ‘Netflix down’ trended on Twitter as people complained about the service not working.

The post claims that Netflix managed to catch up and rectify the situation within half an hour, but some comments on fall detector they claim they have not been able to access it for 12 hours or more.

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For those of you who unfortunately can’t get to Netflix just yet, or who don’t actually watch the show but want to know what’s going on so they’re not left out of the conversations about it, we’ve got a full recap of the season 4 finale, including who dies. , Just here.

While Season 4 Volume 2 was incredibly popular, in digital spy they have argued that it dropped the ball a bit compared to its predecessor.

Death was too easy to see comingweather extended runtime worked against the show and spread the story too thin.

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While the show’s fifth season will be its last, the Duffer brothers have teased that a spin-off is in the works.

“There are still many more exciting stories to tell within the world of Strange thingsNew mysteries, new adventures, unexpected new heroes.”

Strange things Season 4 Part 2, and all previous episodes, are streaming now on Netflix.

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