Sony and Marvel Studios have finally given MCU fans what they have been waiting for for months. The first Spider-Man: No Way home trailer comes out and brings the Multiverse villains along with it. The trailer fell a day after allegations surfaced that the trailer had been leaked online Sony went into fire mode To control its spread. Spider-Man star Tom Holland also wrote a cryptic note after the leak.

Tom Holland Repeats the role of Peter Parker and Spider-Man in No Way Home. In the final film the mysterious identity of the superhero is revealed in a surprising performance as Jake Gillenhall’s Mysterio and JK Simmons as J Jonah Jameson.

Spider-Man: Peter is on the run because of the safety of his loved ones. Very few people know that he is a friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. The trailer begins with Peter asking Dr. Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) for help and to reverse the time. In short, Peter wants to go back to a time when no one knew he was Spider-Man. This is a tricky request, but Dr. Strange has responsibilities. In this thrilling new trailer, we can see a lot of action, eventually returning to the old villains from the 2000 hit, including the hint of the Green Goblin and Dr. Octopus.

Spider-Man: Watch the No Way Home trailer

The film takes forward the multiverse concept introduced by Loki. It seems certain that the MCU will definitely be the specific path they choose for the next step of breaking the earth. The new film puts fans on their toes with action, suspense, drama and, of course, romance.

The flag, JB Smoove, Jacob Batalone and Marisa Tommy have returned to their roles from the previous film. In addition, Benedict Cumberbach Dr. Strange appears And also take on the role of Peter’s mentor.

Some reports also suggest that Garfield and Maguire may return in the role of superheroes, but they will not be seen in the first Spider-Man: No Way home trailer. The makers seem to want to keep it surprising.

Spider-Man: No Way Home, directed by Joan Watts, will be released on December 17, the perfect Christmas present for Marvel fans.


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