Spencer Review Roundup: Kristen Stewart’s turn as Princess Diana evokes a fantastic reception

First reviews for Spencer starring Kristen Stewart Are here. The film is based on Princess Diana, the late wife of Prince Charles and a member of the British royal family.

The film is directed by Pablo Larron and is based on the screenplay of Steven Knight, who is best known for writing TV shows such as Pee Blinders.

Diana is a free woman, she is loved all over the world for her loving nature and charitable activities. Her romance with Prince Charles became popular as a fairy tale, at least until the end of the divorce after reports of extramarital affairs.

Spencer scored 76 percent on Rotten Tomatoes after 17 reviews.

The BBC’s Nicholas Barber wrote in his review, “Stewart’s so inspiring casting makes it possible for her to watch these weird nonsense.”

Playlist’s Jessica Qiang points out in her review, “All the right people hate Spencer.” How nice that is. “

Independent Geoffrey McNab believes, “Stewart’s feverish, sensitive performance and Larron’s trademark lyricism give such an ancestor an emotional kick.”

Hollywood reporter David Rooney said, “Stewart’s well-detailed work on appearance and behavior is impeccable. The camera adores her, and she is rarely more magnetic or more heartbreakingly fragile. “

On the other hand, Brian Winer of the Daily Mail was severely broken. “Spencer left me with only one great feeling: bring the Crown’s new series,” he wrote.

Spencer is set to release on November 5th.


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