Son Damian Instagram post with Jackson Warne, Brooke and Summer

Damian Hurley has posted a heartwarming photo of him hanging out with Shane Warne’s children.

The 20-year-old model shared photos on Instagram on Saturday, showing off her special night out with Jackson Warne, Brooke Warne and Summer Warne at an Ed Sheeran concert in London.

Damien, the son of Hollywood star Liz Hurley — Former partner of Shane Warne — mentioned Warne as a “father figure” when the cricket icon died in March.

Warne was engaged to Elizabeth Hurley, 57, before their relationship ended in 2013.

The Australian sports hero would have been overjoyed to see his children and Hurley refer to each other as “family.”

Damián wrote next to one of the photos: “Beautiful night with my beautiful family. Thanks for having us”.

Damian Hurley with Shane Warne’s children, Jackson, Brooke and Summer. Photo: Instagram, @damainhurley1.Source: Instagram

He shared a few other photos of him hanging out with friends and his extended family and also posted short clips showing Sheeran rocking out in the middle of the concert at Wembley Arena.

Jackson also shared a photo from the night, showing him arm in arm with Damian.

The photos would also have filled Elizabeth Hurley’s heart.

she was famous too emotional to travel to Australia for Warne’s state funeral at the MCG.

in the days after Warne died of a suspected heart attack in Thailand on March 5, Hurley posted a tribute to his fans.

“I feel like the sun has hidden behind a cloud forever. RIP my beloved Lionheart,” she wrote.

He became close to Warne’s youngest daughter, Summer, in the days after the cricket legend’s death.

Damian Hurley with the children and friends of Shane Warne. Photo: Instagram, @damainhurley1.Source: Instagram
Jackson Warne and Damian Hurley. Photo: Instagram, @jacksonwarne18.Source: Instagram

Their social media posts in March show how close the family was, and still is.

Hurley commented on the post: “I love you Summer. Your dad adored you.”

Brother Jackson replied: “I love you Summer, I will always be here for you.”

Summer responded to Hurley, writing, “@elizabethhurley1 love you so much.”

Hurley also responded to Jackson’s emotional Instagram post about his father, writing, “I love you Jackson” with a heart emoji.

Keith, Jackson, Summer, Shane, Brooke and Brigitte WarneSource: Supplied

Damian also posted on Instagram about Warne, uploading a series of happy snaps with the former player.

“I’m still trying to wrap my head around this…SW was a father figure to me for most of my formative years and was truly one of the best men I’ve ever met,” Damian wrote.

“My heart is broken. Thinking and sending love to the entire SW family.”

Warne and Hurley started dating in 2010, and the Australian cricketer proposed to the British actress in September of the following year, but despite buying a house together, they split in 2013 before reaching the altar.

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