Shang-chi’s first reactions: ‘Best Marvel original story, Simu Liu is an amazing hero’

Marvel Studios’ latest offering – Sang-Chi and The Legend of the Ten Rings – is set for a major theatrical release on September 3. The film will be in theaters for 45 days before heading to Disney + and Disney + Hotstar. A few days before getting the new superhero dose in MCU, here are the first reactions of Shang-chi’s original story. And according to what we already have, this is the best action Marvel has ever offered to its fans.

Legend of Shang-Chi and the Ten Rings, Its world premiere starring Simu Liu took place in Los Angeles on Monday, which was attended by many cast and crew. Selected journalists also watched the film and later, shared their reactions on social media.

Collider Editor-in-Chief Steven Winthrob wrote, “#Shangchi is not like the Marvel movie you saw. It opens the door to a new world that I can’t wait to see more. SimuLiu literally kicked a lot of ass and he acted perfectly. Must see in రాత్రిimax tonight and how you want to see it. Looked and heard perfectly. ”

Host-producer Brandon Davis tweeted, “#ShangChi is awesome. The film hits everything that Marvel does well (pace, humor, character) and adds action like we have never seen before from MCU! Many are going to get a new favorite Marvel hero. Darker than expected. So much fun. Comprehensive for MCU Step 4!

Kristen Akuna from Insider wrote, “#ShangChi is amazing. It is unfinished, full of beautifully choreographed fight scenes and badass women. If you do not already know, be prepared to know the name of Simu Liu. Marvel has another hit on hand. Joseph Deckelmeier, “3 things. 1. #Shangchi has the best #MCU sources I have ever seen. 2. The action in #SahangChi is the best I’ve ever seen on MCU! 3. My favorite actor on #SIMULiu #MCU and welcome to the concert with us anytime! “

For actor Wendy Lee Johnny, Shang-chi is a “phenomenon”. As Eric Goldman puts it, “There’s not much in the trailers … and Simu Liu made an amazing hero.”

People like Joseph Deckelmeer and journalist Drew Taylor from Screenrant also shared their reactions on Twitter.

Check out some photos and videos from Shang-chi’s red carpet and the world premiere of Legend of the Ten Rings.

Destin Daniel Cretton directed Shang-Chi and The Legend of the Ten Rings. It also stars Aquafina, Michelle Yo, Fala Chen and Florian Munte. Actor Benedict Wong is said to be recreating the role of a magician in his new film.


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