Sex and the City actor Willie Garson has died at the age of 57

Willie Garson, best friend of actor Carrie Bradshaw, is best known for his role as Stanford Bloch Sex and the city, Are dead. He is 57 years old.

His son Nathan Garson posted his death on Instagram on Tuesday. The cause was not immediately disclosed.

In addition to his popular role in the HBO series Sex and the City, Garson is best known for his role as Con Man Mozy on the TV show. White collar.

Garson is credited with starring in over 30 films, including the 2008 film Sex and the City and its 2010 sequel Sex and the City2.

Garson, born William Pazamant, was born on February 20, 1964, in New Jersey to Muriel Pazzamant and Donald M. Pazamant. At the age of 13, he began training at The Actors’ Institute in New York and graduated from Wesleyan University in Connecticut in 1985, where he majored in psychology and theater.

After graduating from Wesleyan, Garson has guest starred in several television shows, including Family Relations and Cheers.

In addition to the films Sex and the City, Garzon worked with the Farrell brothers in a number of films, including Kingpin (1996), There Something About Mary (1998) and Fever Pitch (2005).

He has starred three times with Lee Harvey Oswald in the film Ruby (1992) and on the TV shows Quantum Leap and MADtv.

Garson also served on the advisory board for You Gotta Believe, an organization that helps young people find permanent families. Garson became a parent in 2010 when he adopted his 7-year-old son Nathan.

“As a narcissist actor, and I by definition, I immediately took on the responsibility of taking care of someone else,” Garson said in an interview he shared with the media last year. “It’s a really special feeling to say. It’s a very important job and will help you grow in many ways.”

Full information on the survivors was not immediately available.

As news of Garson’s death spread on Tuesday night, actors and performers shared their memories and admiration on social media. Comedian Mario Canton, who played Garson’s partner in Sex and the City, said on Twitter that he was “devastated and overwhelmed with grief.”

“Soon it was removed from all of us,” he said. “You are a gift from the gods.”

Cynthia Nixon, who played Miranda Hobbs in Sex and the City, said on Twitter that Garson was “an endless joke on screen and in real life”.

“We all love him and adore working with him,” she says. “He’s the source of light, friendship and business. He’s the perfect expert – always.”


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