Hollywood actor Tom Cruise went ‘hopping mad’ after his BMW was stolen while he was shooting for Mission Impossible 7 when his car stole several thousand pounds worth of luggage inside it. The car is valued at 100,000.

The BMW X7 was stolen outside the Birmingham Grand Hotel, while the actor is shooting for the seventh installment of the popular action-spy franchise. Although the car was seized, Tom was furious over the incident, according to reports. The theft came to light on Wednesday when the actor’s bodyguard noticed that the vehicle was not visible from the parking lot.

The 59-year-old actor was described as ‘hopping mad’ when he heard about the crime. According to The Sun, the criminals drove away with the car using a scanner to clone the signal from the luxury car keyless ignition phobe. The vehicle was parked outside the hotel at the time of the theft. The source also said that the police seized the vehicle as it was equipped with an electronic tracking device. However, Tom’s belongings inside the BMW were stolen and have not yet been found. “It was very embarrassing for the security team and the person running it was insane – but not as insane as Tom,” the source said.

Tom was in Birmingham for the MI: 7 shooting. He filmed scenes with Hayley Atwell at a shopping center in the city. The film is set to release in 2022.


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