Ryan Reynolds says in a message to Indian fans that Hollywood is imitating Bollywood: ‘We are not ashamed’

Free Guy Star Ryan Reynolds Sent a message for his fans in India. The sci-fi comedy movie was released in the country on Friday.

In the video message, Reynolds drew comparisons between many Bollywood movies and free guys. For example, he describes how the hero with the “very Romeo” directed by Shawn Levy is and how the girl got out of his league. Then “a crazy villain, some mad action and of course dancing.”

“If you’re wondering if Hollywood is imitating Bollywood now, yes, the answer is, we have no shame. No shame,” Reynolds added.

Written by Matt Lieberman and Jack Penn, Reynolds plays the role of NPC or plays a role that cannot be played in a video game like Open World GTA, they regain consciousness and plunge into existential crisis.

Starring Jodi Kamer, Lil Rel Howri, Utkarsh Ambudkar, Joe Kiri and Taika Waititi in supporting roles. Free Guy received positive reviews. It scored 80 percent on Rotten Tomatoes.

The critical consensus is, “Combining a clever feeling, sweet, self-aware humor and a lovely cast, Free Guy is useless fun.”

Earlier, at a press conference, Reynolds Describes the experience of playing the role of “innocent and innocent”. He said, “I loved the movie Being There starring Peter Sellers. And it’s the first step I have taken into this world and this world. Old man.


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